Liesje Mommer Liesje Mommer Leading the Wageningen Biodiversity Initiative & Professor Plant Ecology & Nature Conservation at Wageningen University & Research

We at Wageningen UR are working on an urgent societal global issue: bending the curve of biodiversity loss back into a positive direction. All active participants are excellent scientists from Wageningen UR in their disciplines, yet we felt that ‘real change’ needs something else than convincing facts. And that is where David came in: he […]

Zee Shami | Corporate Culinary Team-Building Specialist | Owner & Director of Operations at ZeeTheCook Culinary Studio | SHFM RISING STAR 20-2021 🌟Goldman Sachs Scholar

Working with David is a life-changing experience and has impacted my life, my career and my relationships in a profound way (especially the relationship I have with myself). It’s an honor and a privilege to receive wisdom from a naturally born world shaker. David uses a very unique approach, which is VERY different than other […]

Feminine Rising

What is it like to be living in a time of epochal change, the dusk of the masculine-natured old epoch, and dawn of the feminine-natured new epoch, one receding, the other rapidly onsetting? Subject to your nature of pursuit in life, if you are a lady, you feel this change – to a greater or […]

The Agile Leader

Definition of agile: marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace; having a quick resourceful and adaptable character. There is a new breed of leaders, rising under the radar. The agile leader is there not for themselves but for what they believe in, which is bigger than them. He or she are quite […]

Leading Through Crisis

Times of crisis and acute uncertainty push people beyond their habitual thinking and behavioural thresholds. When this happens, people become open to themselves in deeper ways, thereby awakening dormant aspects of their natural human potential. This can cause a dramatic elevation in instinctive pick-up and perception capacity. So, they become self-aware in unfamiliar ways which […]

Being Prepared for the Unexpected

To prepare for radical change, some people build underground shelters that come complete with all manner of cutting edge survival technologies and enough food stored for a couple of decades. There is, however, one snag with that way of thinking.

Five Key Pointers for the Emerging C-Zone Executive

There is an unseen threshold in the corporate world’s hierarchy; marking a rite of passage to a C-Level role. It has an elastic quality, extending or shrinking in time, depending on who is in the process of crossing it. The future success of a C-Zone executive depends on one’s awareness of this somewhat elusive threshold […]

The Anatomy of Control

Dictionary definition of Control: to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command: Overture To survive and thrive, any gatherings of people – from companies to nations – requires the right kind of control in order to maintain administrative intactness.

Am I a Natural Born Leader?

By birth-right potential, every human being is a natural born leader – of oneself. You and I are born to lead ourselves and leading ourselves is where the living essence of leadership becomes intimately relevant to each one of us.

The Essence of Culture Change

A well-executed corporate culture change process is a complex operation that requires the launching of several well-synchronized parallel processes with clearly defined time frames and objectives.

The Power of New Beginnings

Astronomers tell us that the universe is expanding in mind-boggling speeds. Within the next few seconds, our galaxy will have moved on to occupy never previously visited new spaces. Space-wise, the universe is in a constant journey of new beginnings in ways that defy the imagination.

The Power of Gentle

You are invited in this Fulcrum episode to step into the mental teleportation chamber; to be beamed out into a space observatory that lucidly live streams any place on earth; where you can, at will, mentally zoom in and out of any location on the globe in a fraction of a second. What are you […]

Every Forum Needs A Dreamer

There are two kinds of dreams: Those that we dream when we are asleep and those that we dream when we are awake. There are also two kinds of awake-time dreams: Useless day-dreams and creative dreams.

The Monday Brief

Being a leader, you are likely aware of the objectives vagueness syndrome. Some two thirds of the team members of most teams seem to forever not get their objectives and priorities properly sorted on any given week.

Windows of Opportunity

Definition of window of opportunity: A space in time that suddenly appears, like magic, making things possible that were not previously possible; thereby presenting precious opportunity for something new to happen.

Understanding Change: The Feminine Rising

Dramatic changes throughout history are often preceded by a sudden ‘left field’ occurrence that serves as a powerful trigger catalyst for a destiny-shaping event. You have no doubt took notice of events regarding women coming forward and taking a firm, vociferous stand in the matters of gender inequality. With all its profound significance, what is […]

The Power Of Belief

Being the author of remarkable breakthroughs and turnarounds throughout history, belief is a high-octane, self-generated catalyst of making things happen. Belief is a mystery play, of awakening innate potentialities without knowing how. Because the signal of belief is compelling upon hidden powers that lie in waiting, in and outside the person. When a person is […]

The World Stage: The Males And Females Versus The Gentlemen and Ladies

Note: ‘Male’ and ‘female’ are referred to in this Fulcrum in the context of arrested development. By themselves, the male and female aspects of a human being are obviously an essential part of the natural human makeup. There are times and occasions in life that call for taking positions. As an example, when witnessing blatant unfairness […]

Leadership Dynamics: Creating Breakthroughs

Leaders are made in the crucibles of destiny, passion, and experience. No human alive can ‘make leaders’. A purpose and its needs make leaders – leaders make themselves by their exposure to and desire to serve a constructive purpose. Only the few, however, elect to develop self-leadership in a way that sets them free to be their true selves. […]

Leadership And The Study Of Causes

Sound-bites and pixels do not make leaders. Neither do compulsive Twitter accounts followed by millions of people. Modern-day social media enables people and organizations to flood the human mind with megabytes; where truth spinning and distortion has become an art-form. The confusion of leadership Leadership is a confused subject. If someone can manoeuvre themselves to a position of influence […]

Evolutionary Leadership

The world is rapidly changing and so is the nature of leadership. Leadership’s core business is change and there are two kinds of change dynamics affecting humanity: Change that is imposed Change that is chosen   Imposed change An obvious example of imposed change is the alternation of night and day. Every day, every human […]

Leadership Dynamics: Purpose And Impartiality

There are certain developmental propositions that live at the heart of leadership development. Amongst the leaders of the pack are purpose perception and developing impartiality. There is a deep connection between the two that is important to understand. Purpose – dictionary definition: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something […]

Why Leaders Need Coaches

The 21st century is an unforgiving ecology. In a shape-shifting marketplace, one person’s mistake is another’s opportunity. It’s an uncompromising playground, where the nature of the game keeps changing with no warning, thereby defining the leadership qualities that are needed in order to survive and thrive. This comes in five parts: Part One:      The […]

The Voice Of Leadership

Living in a different dimension to the screeching sounds of the daily grind are the mute cries of the things that long to be heard, looking for people that possess the ability to faithfully and without bias be the voice of their message. A high form of service Being a voice for that which is […]

The Three Pillars And The Way Of Universal Leadership

There are many forms of leadership: Family, tribal, business, the military, the church, statesmanship, science, civil service… Living at the heart of it all is universal leadership, the crucible that gives leadership its core descriptions, motives and meanings: What is its nature? How does it work? The Three Pillars  1. New Knowledge You and your […]

The Three C’s Of Leading Breakthroughs

All meaningful breakthroughs – from science to the humanities to technology – are born in the minds of individuals. Whether these breakthroughs translate into useful applications depend on the three C’s: Communication; Conversation and Concentration. Let’s cut straight to the chase. Communication When you communicate, what you utter comes out of a gradient of perceptions […]

Men and Women in Leadership: Changing Balances

This Fulcrum is a reply to the following letter from a long-standing Fulcrum reader, which I thought may be of interest to others as well. Dear David, I have been following the Fulcrum for several years and love its thought provoking perspectives. I am currently facilitating a corporate forum into ‘Men and women in leadership […]

The Challenge Of World Leaders In Dealing With Belief Systems

How to handle belief systems that cannot be reasoned with? This Fulcrum is written from a steeper gradient than previous issues regarding leadership, for those interested in the senior end of developing leadership mind-sets. On this occasion, it is aimed at promoting a deeper awareness to the difference between belief systems of world movements that embrace […]

Why World Leaders Miss The Point Regarding Leadership

Note: This Fulcrum addresses a fundamental, pivotal element regarding the purpose of leadership. To help make the point, it is dressed with the mantle of world leadership. It is as relevant to human dynamics at all levels and practices, down to the individual. Never confront people with a demand to make the wrong choices We […]

The 101 Most Influential Person

‘Time’ magazine recently published its list of who – to the perception of its authors – are the 100 most influential individuals in world affairs in 2014. A mix of anything from the well intending to one or two who are, to all intents and purposes, accomplished executioners; thereby magnifying the depth of confusion that […]

Self-Leadership And The Shrink Factor

The Human Miracle One of life’s great wonders is the inverse relationship between the shear minuteness of our size and the greatness of our gifted capabilities. Such a tiny little spec of a thing is able to assimilate perceptions from the mundane to the incredible; engage in potently meaningful processes and exercise an unlimited, ever […]

Obama’s Stance On Syria: Weak Or Wise..?

Without getting into the rights, wrongs, should, shouldn’t, truths and deceptions that belong to the situation in the Middle East – and there is obviously a very great deal of deeply disturbing, tragic wrong in innocent people going through untold suffering and dying horrible deaths – Obama’s move to put an attack on Syria to […]

The Nature of Human Transformation

This Fulcrum features three players:  The universe  The 21st century  The human The Universe Connect for a moment to the feeling of watching the universe in a clear night and the sense of awe, depth and stillness, evoked by the glorious sight of the twinkling brilliance of countless stars and galaxies mixed with the perception […]

Giving and Receiving Feedback

How do I come across? What can I do to improve? What am I unaware of? These questions often cross our minds, and can send us seeking for that essential data called ‘feedback’. Giving and receiving feedback happens at both the conscious and semi-conscious levels. Any meeting of people presents an opportunity for feedback, which […]

Understanding and Managing Stress: the Wick and the Candle

In the year 2000 the World Health Organization – WHO – declared stress to be one of the three most lethal diseases of the 21st century. Heart diseases and cancer occupied the top spots. In recent years it is widely perceived that some 50% of these two diseases are stress-related. We are at a point […]

Why Obama Won The Presidency And What It Says About The Future Of Leadership

Part One: The Two Lives and The Third Way There are two fundamental evaluations concerning any one of us: 1. How we are professionally or capability-wise. 2. How we are humanly. History is littered with the story of people who possessed outstanding capabilities to create and innovate while not having a matching personal development. Computer hackers are […]

Seven Pathways to Developing Leadership Self-Awareness

By its very nature, the journey of personal and leadership development does not lend itself to be presented through rigid formulas. It is helpful, however, to framework processes in a way that helps with defining prime challenges and possibilities, which is the context of this Fulcrum offering. 1. Learning what it means to be correct. Before we get to […]

The Inner Theatres of Decision-Making

This somewhat extended Fulcrum was originally prompted by events within the European union, where the quality – or lack of – decision-making processes is being acutely magnified. Decision-making is a make-it-or-break-it leadership capability and as such it is vital to be aware of the inner formations that drive our decision-making processes, some of which are highlighted […]

Personal Development and Europe’s Leadership Crisis

Leadership and Statesmanship The nature of personal development that belongs with civil servants gravitates around one word: Service. True Service, Not Self-Serving Serving profound causes that live beyond self-serving interests; beyond the capricious needs of ego-centered personalities; beyond personal needs; beyond power games; beyond vested interests; beyond the idea that misaligned individuals may determine the […]