Evolutionary Leadership

The world is rapidly changing and so is the nature of leadership.

Leadership’s core business is change and there are two kinds of change dynamics affecting humanity:

  • Change that is imposed
  • Change that is chosen


Imposed change
An obvious example of imposed change is the alternation of night and day. Every day, every human alive gradually switches from day to night mode and vice-versa. No matter who and what you are, there is nothing you can do about it – the mind and body adjustment mechanisms are built into the human design.

In day-night dynamics, dawn and dusk serve as change-over time-bands. Moving through these daily bands brings about a profound shift in our internal rhythms, thereby explaining the way that twilight zones are referred to in all major religions. Think fresh for a moment about how night and day affect your engagement.

Fractal studies of the natural worlds make for a fascinating research. Like the alternation between night and day, there is the alternation between epochs that last thousands of years. We are just at the point of transition between the old and the new epoch.

How one thinks about the old and the new epochs is determined by the depth of one’s self-awareness: The slow and fast epochs; the gold and silver epochs; the masculine and feminine epochs…

As the old epoch enters its dusk time band, the new epoch enters its dawn. We truly are here and now at the dawn of a new time. Look around you to observe the multitude of confirming symptoms – from the technological revolution to dramatic changes in thought and behaviour.

It would not serve a person well to insist on entering night-time without changing to night-mode. Similarly, it would not serve a person well entering the new epoch without comprehending the meaning of this radical change and developing the needed self-awareness that would afford comprehending how this change is increasingly affecting humanity as well as planet earth – and you and me therein.

The big challenge at this time is, through personal development, to discover the human task – individual and collective – that is called for in order for us to exercise constructive participation in this universal change that is affecting the planet and its occupants.

Chosen change
Most readers of the Fulcrum are familiar with organizational change processes, from cultural to strategic. For a culture change to succeed, people are required to make real attitudinal and behavioural changes and adjustments. And no-one can force it upon the individual. Each must choose to voluntarily make those behaviouralchanges in genuine fashion.

You may think to yourself: “It’s not quite like that – if you do not change you may end up getting fired”. Well, threat-induced changes are not real changes, are they?

Chosen change that is undertaken through deepening self-awareness and impartial connection with reality can lead to powerfully positive outcomes, especially when the chosen change lives inside of the evolving energy spheres of a universal change in progress, as is now the case.

A rare window of opportunity

Living in times of transition presents a rare window of opportunity because the energies that are causing and driving the change may be channeled to power our personal evolution to unprecedented levels, especially in the spiritual context.

It’s a window of opportunity that gives birth to a plethora of developmental and engagement opportunities. Observe the phenomenon of many of the young generation demonstrating extraordinary precocity and capabilities for their age.

Evolutionary leadership
Leadership is a function that people step into and there are many kinds, each with its unique attributes. So courage in its military sense is different to courage in its business sense which is different to courage in its statesmanship outplay.

Evolution is a form of progressive change and evolutionary leadership seeks to be a service industry to it, through the endeavour to perceive and comprehend what is happening in its broadest context and seeking to provide a fitting response, from the levels of necessary preparedness to giving rise to processes that support its expansion and continuance.

Arguably, one of the most important aspects of evolutionary leadership is to help people in making wise choices regarding their engagement with the human opportunity.

Evolutionary leaders understand change through self-awareness and self-development. They also perceive the cruciality of being with it in an unintellectual way, what it means and how to go about integrating with this seemingly intangible process that is so natural for a human to be in its flow.

Evolutionary leaders help people to connect with their human destiny, individually and collectively.

Core practice
Intellectualism is a no-go area for the evolutionary leader. Also, no ’172 steps to being an almighty leader’. Grids and frameworks conjured by someone’s mind will not cut it here.

One of the core practices towards developing evolutionary leadership is to learn to watch, feel, observe and listen, patiently, over long periods, as a way of life. The way of the evolutionary leader is to be open to being fashioned by the spirit of the times and the fresh energies and powers that announce its presence. Like our behaviouralmodes change from day to night, at a completely different elevation they are now in the process of profound change, from the old to the new epoch.

The task of evolutionary leadership is to facilitate this vital transition at all levels – from life to business to the high and profound spiritual realms.

The gender dimensions
To understand the position of the feminine gender over the last few thousand years, imagine for a moment what would happen if we all wake-up tomorrow morning to a radical metamorphosis, where women find themselves with the brute physical strength of men and the men find themselves with the physical attributes of women. Imagine what this will cause in all those nations where women suffer extreme discrimination and oppression at the hands of men.

Men and women, while being both human, are blessed with different, complementary strengths. The original intention was – and of course still is – that through the take up of the gift of choice, both genders would engage to combine strengths at all levels towards constructive outcomes.

Somewhere along the human race’s timeline, humanity strayed away and the world became locked at the material end. You know the story – wars, conflict and the horrific misery that should have never been allowed to come to be in the first place.

So much of all that misery ensued as a result of the extreme imbalance between the two genders.

For evolution to take hold and for evolutionary leadership to succeed in leading humanity through the rare wide-open window of opportunity, a rebalancing between the genders must occur. This is already in progress and one of the prime tasks of evolutionary leaders is to facilitate this transition.

The future is now appearing through the feminine vector and there is much evidence to support this vital insight. Understanding what this means and implies is work in progress.

Take note that the greatest threats to humanity at the human end are today being exercised by overwhelming preponderance through the masculine vector.

Gone missing…
Where are the ladies? If you are reading this, make sure that in assuming leadership positions that you do not fall into the trap of imitating the ways of men. The new world craves the influence of ladies and gentlemen collaborating purposefully. Without coming to a new gender balance, evolution in its spiritual sense – and thus the future – stand no chance.

Humans are spiritual beings

Evolution is a deeply profound spiritual event that keeps appearing seemingly out of nowhere, from the future into the now. And no, the human was not once a bacteria that somehow managed over time to evolve into becoming a high spiritual being. But I think you know that, don’t you?

“Those who are not part of the spirit of the times can only be part of its misery”

David Gommé
World Copyright 2017© David Gommé

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