Vital Leadership Case-Study Revisited: Why The European Union Is In A State Of Disarray

Note: This Fulcrum communicates a hard message with no attempt to soften or moderate it… the reason being that by design, high principles do not allow for elastic translation lest they lose meaning in the highly elastic worlds of convenience and comfortability. 

A window of opportunity 
For hundreds of years, there wasn’t a single year in Europe without bloody wars, barbaric persecutions and senseless destruction; with two world wars happening on European soil within the space of half a century.

So a precious window of opportunity presented itself in the late part of the 20th century: Europe coming to its senses by stating to itself: “let there be no more senseless bloodshed and destruction. Let’s cease these utterly insane perpetual conflicts that carry the reason of infantile egos. Let’s unite to work together, to bring peace and prosperity to our people and create together a bright future”. Well, these are my words but they do represent the sentiment inherent in the formation of the European Union.

Alas, those at the helm of this promising, hope-instilling move at the time were, in retrospect, not the right people. You do not let bureaucrats and technocrats manage a crucial culture change designed to profoundly affect the spiritual well-being and material prosperity of many nations and millions of people of different backgrounds and belief systems.

What these people did is to completely ignore the basic principles of culture change processes by creating a ghost vision, disconnected from reality, designed to serve a bureaucratic rather than a high spiritual agenda. And where the respective leaderships of no two nations in the Euro-zone seems to share a state of genuine agreement about any one important issue.

The Reason Why
When leaders in influential positions set their path upon the mission of bringing about a state of peaceful, prosperous union between human beings, the one thing they would never even contemplate is to form it around a low principle. This is a cardinal leadership rule that no responsible leader will ever violate.

The process of centring the emerging state of union around the financial principle – the imposition of a single currency and a ruling bureaucracy – creates a state of affairs where maintaining monetary and bureaucratic dynamics becomes its governing criteria of success rather than the means of creating social and economic well-being.

By natural law, it is impossible to accomplish a high aim through a low principle

The temporary rule of the three lesser powers
Money, sex and power are the three coarse powers that run this world. As omnipresent and powerful as they may seem to be, they are part of the temporary, lesser worlds of our world. They do not connect with and certainly do not live in the energy flows of the greater truths and higher realities of life and existence. Because of this sooner or later their power will wane and dissolve.

There is only one way
A lower principle cannot accommodate a higher principle. A higher principle on the other hand, can accommodate and nurture a lower principle as long as the lower principle is congruent by design with the purpose that has given birth to the high principle

Example: Having been engraved in acceptance of and deference to a Godly presence, the Ten Commandments represent high religious principles that have profoundly shaped the world’s legal systems.

There is only one way that a true and long-lasting state of constructive, prosperous union can be engendered between people, groups and nations: If it is based around a higher principle serving a higher cause. Not a low principle that tries, forever unsuccessfully, to subject a higher cause to its personalised agenda.

All constitutions of civilized nations share one major, crucial trait: The reference to the spiritual well-being of the people. Nothing of long-lasting significance can be achieved without this essential dimension.

To come to it, there is a need for leaders who live it and are able to connect between the spiritual and the material needs of a nation; between the needs that concern the well-being and happiness of the people and the needs of the nation in terms of its economic, technological and social prosperity.

This calls for the mind-set of visionary peace-makers, not that of bureaucratic strategists

The Euro Reality
Europe’s leadership must wake up and get together with those who can think along these lines, to formulate the higher principles that would inspire the Euro-citizens into working together in the context of a greater cause as human beings, not as slaves to the minds of an elite group of bureaucrats, most of whom may struggle to comprehend the deeper meaning of ‘spiritual’ and its immensely practical relevance to proper governance.

It’s a hard predicament. Written here as a living case study in leadership, now playing out right in front of our eyes.

True to form leadership serves a higher mission, not a self-generated agenda

David Gommé
World Copyright 2016© David Gommé

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