Greetings, welcome to Future Dynamics. I am an independent consultant, based in the Netherlands, operating globally. I work with individuals, leadership teams and inter-disciplinary forums seeking to generate meaningful breakthroughs in creativity, innovation and new behavioural sciences. My approach, passion and life’s research lives in the causing realms and non-linear dimensions of the human potentiality – and the unprecedented window of opportunity to develop, grow and evolve.

Future Dynamics, my collaborative think tank and talent pool, offers original and distinctive experiences, methodologies and content, wholly based on the natural laws that govern human thought and behaviour.

The Fulcrum  ‑ my free periodical, is widely read across the globe.

Call me at: +31 30 605 1350, or email: david.gomme@futuredynamics.global


International Cooperation

We all probably, if asked, would like to be a more exciting and colorful version of ourselves; a more powerful version of ourselves. And not for others, but for ourselves first, and then to share that uniqueness with others.

Drawing on decades of experience in the performing arts as an actor, movement researcher, teacher and coach, I work with individuals and groups in any circumstance and with any needs, to develop the human skills needed essential to your future.

The inner life is an unceasing, in-living-color drama of characters, messages, urges and impulses. And, often times, this inner world is at the edge of our ability to express or articulate it, even access it, because our most powerful and connected players are rooted in the instinct, intuition, feelings and the unconscious mind. How then to give voice to these voices or express what’s on the edge of our own consciousness? Or, how to simply say what you want to say, how you want to say it?

Expression, and range of expression, is not a question of talent or artistic skills. They are human skills. It’s about providing options through simple and profound practices and experiences, and then practicing those options.

Let’s get started! Email us at info@futuredynamics.global or call/message +49 176 565 34722.


Roland Boehringer is an experienced seminar leader, consultant and coach, offering innovative approaches, holistic methodologies and inspiring workshops on value culture, creativity, regional identity, personal growth, mission and vision.

As a creative catalyst and free mind, Roland is active in many areas, with specific focus into personal development, unfolding of potentials and the instigation of sense and meaning. This motivation serves as the prime common denominator, connecting the workshops, projects, and coaching processes he facilitates, and is also reflected in the breadth of his network and activities. He works in German and English, within Germany and internationally.

Roland can be reached at: rboehringer.ger@gmail.com and  https://www.roland-boehringer.de


Oliver Günzler is an avid researcher of life and the human evolutionary opportunity, with 25 plus years of experience engaging people from all walks of life in live conversations, workshops, and seminars. All the work is based in discovering a fresh and live way of developing and integrating an inner natural confidence to unfold people’s personal and human potential, through the media of self-discovery and self-realisation.

Oliver can be reached at: oliver.guenzler@gmx.de


Each one of us has an inner compass which is part of the natural arrangement of the human design – we naturally and intuitively know where we want to go, and what is right and not right for us to be doing. (more…)

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The Case with Mental Health

The mental health issue is on the rise and increasingly in the headlines. There is hardly a person alive that does not encounter a mental health issue during their life or the lives of people around them. Like any illness, mental health is gradiented – from the light to the severe; from the curable to the incurable. (more…)

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