Obama’s Stance On Syria: Weak Or Wise..?

Without getting into the rights, wrongs, should, shouldn’t, truths and deceptions that belong to the situation in the Middle East – and there is obviously a very great deal of deeply disturbing, tragic wrong in innocent people going through untold suffering and dying horrible deaths – Obama’s move to put an attack on Syria to a vote in Congress brings to the surface a deep enquiry about the purpose of leadership.

What would the world we live in be like if its elected leaders where:

  • Able to expose their struggle and great strength of being humanly vulnerable – to get things right, to be correct, to do the truly right things for the benefit of humanity?
  • Tell the truth as they perceive it without holding back while being open to be corrected?
  • Demonstrate the right kind of hesitation and thinking things through properly and responsibly before making decisions that impact the futures of millions of people?
  • Genuinely consult and listen – really listen – to ensure that he or she are representing the best interests of the people they represent and next to that, formulating the wisest and most
  • constructive action strategy?
  • Have as their highest purpose the good of the people and the greater good of humanity in a way that firmly overrides the interests of anything lesser?

What if..?

With best wishes,
David Gommé
World Copyright 2013© David Gommé

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