The Power Of Belief

Being the author of remarkable breakthroughs and turnarounds throughout history, belief is a high-octane, self-generated catalyst of making things happen.

Belief is a mystery play, of awakening innate potentialities without knowing how. Because the signal of belief is compelling upon hidden powers that lie in waiting, in and outside the person.

When a person is connected to one’s utterly unique self, the special powers that live in – and are attracted by – the essence of oneself become available to the person. Belief is how we leverage these powers into constructive outcomes, fashioned by one’s vision, purpose and nature of desperation.

Exercising belief is exercising one’s birthright freedom. Because it is a human’s birthright to make choices and fashion one’s personal beliefs.

The act of making constructive choices connects the well-meaning person to the core of oneself and through that, to the essence of the human opportunity. And the human opportunity is a universal event – arguably the hope of the universe. Marking a break-away from the sterility of the non-feeling realms, imbuing the universe with consciously-sourced meanings and values and thus, a future – or futures – that it otherwise may not have.

Belief is a feeling-knowing quality. You know it can happen. You know it can be done. You know that your life has a part to play. Possibly in bigger ways than you may realise.

Imagination is the director of belief. To imagine it happening is to create it in small in one’s spheres of cognizance – inner fields of play – thereby igniting the intelligence of belief and directing it to the cry of the need.

Imagine, here and now, that you are light on your feet and light in your mind – light having both meanings, the physical and the ethereal – and you will be, by some measure. Pick up a heavy weight. Put it down. Imagine yourself ten times stronger and pick it up again. It will be lighter, by some measure. Olympic athletes are trained to use their imagination to achieve significantly more than they otherwise would.

And so, can you. So, can people teaming up in a shared mission. Imagine how success looks like, every day. Imagine the way of wisdom. How a better world looks like. How a new world looks like. How resolving a conflict would look like.

Imagine with belief and conviction to make it happen. One of the most unstoppable powers is the power of belief, imagined, re-imagined, with persistence.

When a group of people resonates with shared belief, the universe pays attention.

Be a belief leader – of yourself and others. In ways that unify the best of all, whoever they are. Unified bests know no limits.

David Gommé
World Copyright 2017© David Gommé

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