The World Stage: The Males And Females Versus The Gentlemen and Ladies

Note: ‘Male’ and ‘female’ are referred to in this Fulcrum in the context of arrested development. By themselves, the male and female aspects of a human being are obviously an essential part of the natural human makeup.

There are times and occasions in life that call for taking positions. As an example, when witnessing blatant unfairness unfolding right in front of one’s eyes. That is if one cares at all in the first place. And many do.

A true leader is also a lady or a gentleman. Disconnected males and females do not lead. When in charge, being mindless servants of the gods of power, sex and money, they mostly play juvenile, often reckless, power games. They do not ask. They take whatever they want, for as long as they can get away with it. Being mindless they are also unaware that most such exploits end badly for their like and will likely end badly for them too. “Mindless, but they seem to know exactly what they are doing” you may say. You will be surprised how much one can accomplish in the 21st century while in a state of mindless disconnection. Enter cunning, fear and terror, the instruments of choice of the mindless. Proving time and again how much can be achieved by the skilled deployment of the fear and terror option.

Mindless is a mind with little or no presence of mind

With the mindless running the show, the mindful seem to be at a disadvantage. Because gentlemen and ladies do not mix well with rampant males and females. It’s like trying to reason with a charging bull. One needs to step aside and use other means. The mindset and way of the gentlemen and the ladies are irrevocably aligned with the constructive principle. They will not use destruction to deal with that which is inherently destructive by formation and intention.

Please note: The terms and actualities of ‘ladies’ and ‘gentlemen’ call for an update. A lady and a gentleman are first and foremost an indication of purpose-bound enhanced states of being, perception of life, attitude and refined forms of behaviour. It’s nothing to do with cultural status and everything to do with the connected nature of a person’s engagement with the human opportunity.

Inclusive to being a constructive individual is a state of deep belief in the illuminating powers and flow of brilliance emanating from the fountain of life. Present here and now, felt and experienced by those whose lives revolve around high purpose discovery and its many outplay – from decency in thought and behaviour to constructive creativity and exciting innovations.

In a world shaped by the ways of ladies and gentlemen people look each other in the eye and seek to create high states of union that benefit the whole, thereby giving birth to safe ecologies and opportunities for all to discover the joys of living and become contributing citizens.

In a world where many of those who are running the show live in a state of disconnection and isolation from their higher selves, unable to comprehend the language and ways of an illumined person, how do we create the space for the connected ways of the lady and the gentleman to have its way in helping to lead the world to a new future?

The answer, at this point in time, lies especially with the ladies. The world is transitioning from a masculine to the feminine led epoch: The future is now arriving through the feminine vector. Not to the exclusion of the masculine, on the contrary. It is for the ladies of the world, however, to step up to the plate and take the lead, together with the gentlemen.

How will this happen? Perhaps re-read my last Fulcrum, highlighting the non-linear approach to thinking one’s way forward. It will happen, but not through the suffocating ‘permission systems’ of the 21st century. We may not have the answer for how but we may create the spaces for the answer to reveal itself. It already is quietly and potently making its voice heard through those who care.

Change is a supremely intelligent event and it has a known hallmark throughout history:Suddenly, no warning… Are you ready..?

David Gommé
World Copyright 2017© David Gommé

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