Liesje Mommer Liesje Mommer Leading the Wageningen Biodiversity Initiative & Professor Plant Ecology & Nature Conservation at Wageningen University & Research

We at Wageningen UR are working on an urgent societal global issue: bending the curve of biodiversity loss back into a positive direction. All active participants are excellent scientists from Wageningen UR in their disciplines, yet we felt that ‘real change’ needs something else than convincing facts. And that is where David came in: he helped us to invite the ‘non-linear’ at the table; to listen to each other and one self; to feel rather than judge; and sense ‘qualities’ rather than only think facts; to communicate as a human being. In several sessions and constellations, David worked with us on this huge and hugely important topic and it led to the formation of unseen bonds of hope. Essential to the global issues that we face now. David was able to work with us scientists on these elements that can be perceived as vague, but were perceived as special and touching; bringing in humanity to the room. Some non-linear things that have been invited at the table have already started moving, and other are emerging in ways we do not yet realise. One remark: working with David asks a time investment. We did a pressure cooker version in three half days; where three times two days would have been preferred by David. Still, he is flexible and tuned, and we worked with what was rather than wanted. We made a great start, and I believe more sessions will follow. The participants are looking forward to it. The world and the future generations will need his neutral guidance to change.

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