Am I a Natural Born Leader?

By birth-right potential, every human being is a natural born leader – of oneself. You and I are born to lead ourselves and leading ourselves is where the living essence of leadership becomes intimately relevant to each one of us.

There are those rare few throughout history, born into a destiny to lead others. But even those special few adhere to the demanding process of self and purpose discovery. Note that many of the great leaders had their self-discovery time in the wilderness, to find themselves in themselves and in their purpose.

Many abdicate the calling of self-leadership by surrendering – through fear or lack of personal development – to someone else’s power.

Arguably, the most demanding developmental task is to become one’s own person. To do that, we need to engage in a process of self-discovery that brings to life each person’s uniqueness: Essence, qualities and talents.

“What do you mean by essence?” Your essence is that something special – an unseen, crystal-like energy compound that lives in the core of your being, your core ID if you like – that causes people close to you and newcomers to your life to be drawn to your presence and spheres of influence.

Living one’s essence and thereby achieving inner settlement, is a prerequisite to rising to meet one of (self) leadership’s greatest developmental challenges: The ability of impartial, unbiased perception.

Dancing away from personal biases
One of the reasons why impartial perception is a substancial developmental undertaking is that we live in a deeply confused, divided world that is biased to anything but the truth. What is a 21st century mindset? The answer is: A confused mess.  Gather 12 people from different parts of the world in a room and ask them to agree on any one important issue to witness the depth of the problem.

The closer a person is to their core, the more encompassing their self-awareness. A human’s core is part of the universe’s timeless dimension. It can be said that the universe has only one bias: Promulgating purposive continuance. Note that it never wages wars against itself. Governed by the constructive principle, the universe is created to accommodate spiritual beings and extend to them the permission to be pioneering free radical creators of new – qualities, music, sciences, arts, behavioural sciences, the religions of the future…

Humanity is a deeply profound universal test case, of granting spiritual beings the gift of free choice. So what will it be: Live and let live or go on reckless expeditions of becoming law unto oneself and taking for granted that which is not part of the deal?

Becoming a universal feeler
Developing impartiality goes hand to hand with becoming a universal feeler. You first feel and then think and analyse, not the other way around. Having a brilliant mind that feels not what it is thinking about is like eating devoid of the sense of taste. Take a moment to imagine such actuality, to appreciate the power of this reflective analogy.

The intellectually brilliant may invent technologies that excite the 21st century but unless aligned to a greater purpose with genuine humility and a feeling attitude, they will never understand and be able to serve life’s greater calling.

The signature of leadership
A leader is a servant – of a higher purpose. Building in oneself a service mindset that is congruent with the requirements of a high purpose is a gradient development lasting a life-time.

All the great people throughout history speak of a higher guiding intelligence. Some originating from one’s own higher self. The human is made to be a responder to a gradient of possibilities, low to high. Some easy to come by, some hidden from plain sight. Our lives being a product of the choices we make and depth of awareness to what is actually possible. Bear in mind that the 21st century is not governed by a spiritually-driven agenda, thereby excluding the brightest – and most importamnt – chunks of the human opportunity.

Inner integration
When one’s thought and behaviour become a stage to one’s essence and what it is joined to – being naturally aligned to the greater causes of life and existence – it marks the point in time where self-leadership becomes a birth-place for the emergence of natural brilliance that is congruent with the purposes of living. And being in harmony with a higher purpose is the key to becoming a servant leader.

New times bring new opportunities
Perhaps task yourself with developing the powerful catalytic capability to re-imagine the future, you in the future and the future of your business. A constructively creative human is the future of the future.

The webs of tomorrows leaders
The universal influences that nurtured the lone saviours of passed times dramatically evolved, transforming the times of the ‘I’ into the times of the ‘We’. From a masculine to a feminine-natured epoch. Whenever you witness a situation anywhere in the world ruled by individuals, know that it is living on borrowed time. Especially the brutal regimes are travelling deeper every day in a perilous one-way very dead end.

It’s not that individuals may not find themselves in the lead. Leaders are forever needed. The new breed of leaders are real team players. Their trade and craft aimed at selflessly facilitating the blending and merging of collective intelligence and the seamless passing on of the director’s baton to whoever has ‘got it’ today and collect it back at the end of the day for safe keeping, rinse and repeat… Because the untold complexity that is part of the unfolding future requires rapid-response smart teamwork. But you know this from your experience, don’t you?

Will you elect to be one of the new breed of leaders by being open to yourself – your special uniqueness – the already known and the 70% or so which is yet to be discovered?

There never was and never will be someone like you ever again. Creating space for your uniqueness to shine creates the space for something much greater than you. It’s a profound way of saying “thank you” and winning space for what your gifted uniqueness is an agency of.

One of leadership’s tasks is creating space in oneself for screaming needs that those too full of themselves are tone-deaf to. The closer to oneself, the more acute the listeing capacity.

Resolve to be the best you can be
Draw close to yourself and resolve to discover what it means to be the true and genuine you. The world around you needs you at the state of being of your unique best – and the far-reaching quantum vibes it generates – in more ways than you may realise.

“Those who lead themselves can lead a multitude”

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David Gommé
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