Men and Women in Leadership: Changing Balances

This Fulcrum is a reply to the following letter from a long-standing Fulcrum reader, which I thought may be of interest to others as well.

Dear David,

I have been following the Fulcrum for several years and love its thought provoking perspectives. I am currently facilitating a corporate forum into ‘Men and women in leadership – changing balances’. I would very much appreciate your input to help me with structuring the process.

With best regards,

Daniela K., Germany

Dear Daniela,

Thanks for your stimulating question. The best I can do here it to help you in creating in yourself an awareness platform to come out of in designing this important engagement.

Let’s start by delving into the easily recognisable subject – one that affects us all – no matter who and where we are: Change. The world is in the throes of accelerating, radical change. What are the forces driving it? Where do they originate? Where is it going? How do we maximize our engagement within and with the flow of change to our greatest benefit?

A time of transition
There is growing awareness amongst those researching this phenomenon that we are now in a time of transition: The melting away of the old epoch and the arising of a new epoch. And times of transition are known to breed acute uncertainty.

Detecting the epoch change
What to look for in detecting the signs of an epoch change? One of the most obvious, easy to see indicators is velocity of change: How humanity is in the process of transitioning from slow to fast time.

For thousands of years the world featured wind-powered sailing boats and ships; swords, bows & arrows; cavalries; horses and carriages; strict adherence to authority and form… Suddenly, in the course of a century, all that changes and rapidly so. From cavalries to spaceships; from bows and arrows to cruise missiles; from foot-messengers to optic fibres; from low to explosive volatility…

Take a side-step for a moment to reflect on your experience with change. What is it causing in the intimacy of your inner processes? Do you find yourself embracing change? How is it affecting your relationships? What is it causing in people around you?

What we are witnessing is a change in universal season that forever alternates between the masculine and feminine polarities. The planet has four; the universe has two. While a planetary change of season happens every four months, a universal change of season happens inside of a scale of thousands of years.

And we are also witnessing how the 21st century is going about translating the omnipresent influence of change. Because of mass ignorance the translation process mostly happens inside of lesser agendas, in the confines of the possessive dynamics of money and power. Think about it.

Shift from masculine to feminine
Going a little deeper into the process of researching what is happening, certain trends become meaningfully prominent: A surge in interest in spirituality; explosion in social networks with the Internet being referred to as ‘the eighth continent’ and the space it gives for the voice of individuals to be heard; the arising of new leadership paradigms; the rapid melting away of old forms and the one trend that arguably lives at the heart of the change: The shift in balances from a masculine to a feminine natured-led era.

The future is entering through the feminine vector
This is big news in the spiritual realms and should be getting much more attention than it does: We are now moving from a masculine natured to a feminine natured epoch in human affairs. This profound event is in play because the future is entering the planet through the feminine vector. Its impact on the future of humanity and on the dynamics of leadership will eventually be the catalyst that would lead to a radical change in the behavioural dynamics of humanity. It is already in play, here and now.

Finding certainty in times of uncertainty
In times of uncertainty, certainty can be found in being perceptive and correctly located. Those who go with the flow and make the needed personal adjustments to being engaged in fullness with the spirit of the times, are already experiencing its benefits in surprising, unexpected ways.

A little counsel
A question that I am often being asked is: “How do we go about the discovery process of updating our corporate culture; of creating space for future bound ways of collaboration between the masculine and the feminine vectors and generally, between people regardless of gender differences?” The answer is so very simple: Engage in open dialogues about the issues that concern you; about the things you want to change. Listen, really listen to each other. Not to just what the person is saying but especially to what a person’s life is a voice to, beyond the personal need to be heard.

The answer to many of our problems lies is in words that have not yet been spoken; in ideas that are waiting to be born through unreserved, open collaboration. Not just in the realms of technology but as importantly and next to that, in the realms of human development.

Final word
When will the leaders of this world – in any sector of living – realize that unless they find ways to match their personal development to the problems they want to understand, the best they can do is repeat the ways of yesterday into tomorrow. And in a fast era this approach does not work much faster than ever. Which, in the worlds of humans vying for influence, catalyses the appearance of diametrically opposed radical forces that are also lacking in awareness to what is happening, thereby creating new breeds of problems in the form of vicious cycles of collective ignorance. Mostly happening through the images of men… it’s time for change… not necessarily in women taking over, but in establishing a new balance of leadership between the genders in a way that best serves what is happening.

“Those who are no part of the spirit of the times can only be part of its misery” 

With best wishes,
David Gommé
World Copyright 2015© David Gommé

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