Leadership Dynamics: The Unifying Principle

The task of leadership is to unify people in a purpose that they can see, feel and want to be a part of. Purpose discovery lives at the heart of the process, where leaders act as matchmakers – between people and the discovery process and between people and the purpose they agree to share and serve.

So, what is leadership? It seems that the word itself calls for an update. A leader is an usher; an enlightenment catalyst; a spiritual guide; a rapid response clear-cut decision-maker; an opportunity facilitator; a breakthroughs specialist; turbulent times navigator; an evolution servant; an ambassador of the future…

In terms of personal demonstration, some of the prime traits of leadership are personal integrity; perception capacity; quality of translation; and inspiring people to embrace change while creating the cover for it to happen in the way it needs to happen 

Never about a person

It’s never ever about a person, but about a collectively agreed to purpose. The moment it degenerates into making a person the purpose, we need to then address the situation as a case of possession; from the mild and relatively harmless – “I am your spiritual guru” – to the violently destructive – “beware the perils that await you and yours if you do not demonstrate genuflective obedience in my presence or in the presence of my minions”.

Personalized agendas generate conflicts and division. Constructive purposes unify people. The more constructive the purpose in a global context, the greater the freedom to create, develop and evolve.

States of union

Leaders help people to achieve mission-driven states of union, from a team to a whole nation. Next to that, they also help people to achieve a state of inner union with the best of themselves.

The inner self of the human – the seen together with the unseen – is a magnificent universe of inconceivable range and complexity – ‘as above, so below’. One can get lost in oneself just like getting lost in the wilderness. Leaders are expert guides because of their purpose clarity and self-location: Core values and sound reason powers their actions; their principles are non-negotiable; they – and the people they lead – know what they will not do, no matter what.

A leader’s core alignment enables them to help others discover and engage with their higher selves. To understand the magical dynamics of how this works you may want to research the tuning fork principle or quantum physics as applied to human evolution. (Take two identical tuning forks, make one resonate and place it next to the other, for the other to start resonating simultaneously)

Leaders create space for growth, in many contexts. In the course of this vital process, a leader’s thoughts and actions are guided by the constructive principle. The core alignment born out of nurturing in oneself this profoundly powerful divine principle is to create without destroying. Consider how far removed is the 21st century from this core alignment to living.

Being a decidedly constructive person is a prerequisite to stepping into a leadership capacity

One of the most demanding developmental tasks

Leaders nurture in themselves a very special kind of development, quite crucial for the future of humanity, which is the ability to perceive a truth from the truth’s point of viewe rather than through a person’s colouring of the truth by personal/group biases, dogma, opinions and harsh persuasions.

Developing impartiality is a life-long journey that lives several octaves beyond ‘Twelve steps to magnificence’; requiring uncommon guidance, insight, practices and disciplines.

A leader will never edit the truth in one’s own mind or in other people’s minds

Ambassadors of new opportunities

Leaders are master sniffers-detectors of new windows of opportunity. There is much talk these days regarding the future of artificial intelligence. What about the future of spiritual awareness, spiritual awakening and spiritual intelligence? These are three present actualities that exist beyond the computational scope of artificial intelligence because, well, it’s artificial. AI may well be a supremely useful technology, but it has no real feelings, real connections to the universe or spiritual depth and cognizance. Its depth is as deep as the width of the chip that is used to process its algorithms. The depth of human process, however, may be as deep as the entire universe and then some.

When you step into a leadership role, what is most alive in a person when they walk away from having just spend a bit of time with you?

Purpose awareness

Leaders work to help humanity to realign away from being lost in translation; towards a radical update regarding the meaning of life and the fantastic evolutionary opportunity that is now seeking the attention of human cognizance through its agencies in the minds of those who are open to the inner calling of their higher selves.

When we give our best, the future can find us

David Gommé
World Copyright 2018© David Gommé

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