The Voice Of Leadership

Living in a different dimension to the screeching sounds of the daily grind are the mute cries of the things that long to be heard, looking for people that possess the ability to faithfully and without bias be the voice of their message.

A high form of service
Being a voice for that which is potently present yet has no voice of its own is one of the most powerful forms of service. Think of the great writers, poets, composers, bards and philosophers throughout history, whose work touch sublime realms that would never have been exposed to human cognisance without the presence of those exceptional minds.

What do you seek to become a voice to in your life? Where do you desire to make a difference by deploying the moving power of the spoken word? To be an accomplished voice for a greater cause you need not have an impressive sounding title. People will listen to you, because it’s part of the human’s spiritual make-up to be naturally drawn to listen to a voice that is about something bigger than the speaker and listener.

A person can be the voice of truth or the voice of deception; the voice of mindfulness or the voice of apathy; the voice of wisdom or the voice of stupidity… It’s always their choice.

The voice of leadership
Leadership does have its signature voice. You may be asking: “How do I detect its presence?” The answer is that while it originates from an individual, the voice of leadership is never one’s personal voice but its voice. And saying its voice indicates that an individual gives birth to language formations sourced from a cause greater than the person’s own thoughts. Thereby highlighting one of leadership’s most challenging tasks: Creating space for the unspoken; for it to appear in fullness, unconditioned by people’s biases. The voice of leadership being the voice of the magnificent unknown; the voice of the human opportunity and the incredible new possibilities and as yet unexplored potentialities that lie therein.

Most importantly, spoken responsibly and sensibly, with logic and reason, in ways that help people translate exciting ideas and a bright vision into value-adding outcomes. With the ability to provide well-balanced coverage along the gradient of human engagement and possibility; from the mundane to the profound. It’s most powerful element being the voice of the belief that it can be done, together.

It’s a question of self-application
How much of a voice a person is able to be depends on the depth of their comprehension, belief and conviction – to be the voice of a new future; to be the voice of righteousness; to be the voice of a game-changing vision; to be the voice of new opportunities… Becoming the voice of a greater cause involves the acquisition of special skill-sets. Especially in the context of deploying the full gradient of language – from being supremely articulate to not knowing what one is talking about and yet, in some magical way, still making intuitive sense and somehow and nevertheless saying all the right things.

How do I become the voice of a greater cause?
If you are reading this with interest, you most probably already are in some way. So the question is: “How do I marshal myself to the next level of being its voice?”

The human ego is not a singular quality but a bar that stretches from high to low. The lower ego is self-centred and highly personalised. The higher ego is impersonal and by large concerned with purpose and service. Please note that ‘impersonal’ does not mean lacking in self-care but rather having as its main concern the human position and one’s position therein in the greater scheme of things. Highlighting one of its attributes: It seeks to give more than it seeks to get.

While the lower ego is the voice of one’s personal needs – and of course having personal needs is an essential part of life – the higher ego is concerned with the screaming needs of a greater purpose or a mission and the desire to serve those needs to the best of one’s ability.

The voice of the personal ego says: What’s in it for me?
The voice of the higher ego asks: What’s in it for the purpose that I serve? What is the one thing that needs to be said to accelerate progress; help to change that which must be changes; to engender superior awareness; to help people be their best; to trigger people’s attention and willingness to take constructive action..?

What have I set myself to be a voice of in my life?

David Gommé
World Copyright 2015© David Gommé

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