Leadership Dynamics: Creating Breakthroughs

Leaders are made in the crucibles of destiny, passion, and experience. No human alive can ‘make leaders’. A purpose and its needs make leaders – leaders make themselves by their exposure to and desire to serve a constructive purpose. Only the few, however, elect to develop self-leadership in a way that sets them free to be their true selves.

The two kinds of development
There are two kinds of development: The linear and the non-linear kind. First, there was iPhone 1, all the way to iPhone N. The 21st century is caught up with the linear, with the rare occasions of the non-linear bursting out of the collective habit. Such was the ‘iPhone moment’. It is, of course, a question of balance – we cannot expect for the non-linear to happen every other moment. But we do want more of it. To find it, we must look elsewhere, to the realms of human development.

Personal growth is non-linear
Personal growth is an entirely non-linear process. ‘Seven steps to greatness’ and the likes are a location, not a journey. The multi-dimensional journey to personal greatness cannot be mapped out in linear fashion. By design, the various God-made technologies that make up the human faculty are non-linear in their essence and working and so is the universe: As above, so below.

The human faculty is made to process the non-linear

The emotions, the instinct and intuition, the mind, the spirit, the qualities and unique talents that combine to constitute the essence of a person… Organic quantum leaps and energy and power octave changes are part and parcel of the human experience.

The universal gradient
The human opportunity exists inside of a universal gradient of possibilities and windows of opportunity. One of the great arts of living is the ability to feel the presence of a window of opportunity and to allow a non-linear spontaneous response, in the sense of coming from the future into the now. One must create the inner space for it to happen upon them while engaging in the down to earth creative translation of new insights that it delivers.

Breaking stop situations
Leadership is the business of leading oneself and others through change and of creating valuable breakthroughs. Look around you. So much of what you see is arrested in the repeating carry-over from yester-time. It is the task of leadership to come from a higher elevation that enables the breaking of stop situations: In the worlds of technology; art; the humanities; education; states-man-woman-ship; spirituality; human behaviour…

The magic of the non-linear enables conquering the seemingly unattainable in ways that defy the imagination. What are you struggling with today? Are you in the right kind of struggle; the kind that may propel you through the eyes of the storms of the 21st century, into new dimensions of self-awareness and creativity?

“How can I access the non-linear dimensions?” The answer lies in creating space for it to happen in and around you. Think of it as a living science of mindful space-creation that affordsthe freedom to engage in creating new futures.

A simple example of a non-linear developmental process is tasking oneself with developing a quality such as belief or compassion. You cannot map out a step process for that. Each little event that presents an opportunity to practice a quality requires a mindfulness balance that will never repeat in the same way. When you are in belief, you have just stepped into the non-linear dimension of the human opportunity.


Linear thinking gets you from A to B; non-linear thinking gets you from A to a new unknown and new opportunities to grow and evolve

David Gommé
World Copyright 2017© David Gommé

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