Understanding Change: The Feminine Rising

Dramatic changes throughout history are often preceded by a sudden ‘left field’ occurrence that serves as a powerful trigger catalyst for a destiny-shaping event.

You have no doubt took notice of events regarding women coming forward and taking a firm, vociferous stand in the matters of gender inequality.

With all its profound significance, what is happening in the seen, observable worlds, is a symptom of an ‘unseen worlds’ event of great magnitude that is now gradually unfolding right in front of out eyes.

The causes of all that is seen lie in the unseen

A prodding from the future

Spiritual evolution is a non-linear transcendent event, arriving from the universe by way of potent evolutionary waves and new windows of opportunity.

It is important to be aware that evolution is a universal event that is not exclusive to planet earth – we are not alone in this remarkable journey. The human, however, may have a unique part to play in this omnipresent process.

Human evolution is a two-way conversation opportunity between the human and the universe. “What we do in this life echoes in eternity” and what happens in eternity may echo in our lives. One of the wonders of life – the quantum physics of human development, if you like – is how seemingly small, concerted actions may produce a powerful resonance deep in the universe.

The fine balances that exist between the feminine and masculine vectors sit at the heart of the Creational impulse that gives rise to the universal evolutionary momentum. There is the masculine, the feminine and a no-name neutral power that enable the two to maintain their unique traits and fulfill their function together.

There is thus a universal calling for humanity’s masculine and feminine vectors to work together, in good balance, to maintain the natural alignment and flow of connection to the universe’s ways and natural harmonies.

The fact of the deeply warped gender inequality that has developed throughout history can be likened to a left foot deciding that the right foot is inferior to it and restricting it with shackles. You can imagine how this affects the already intricate act of walking. This is an excellent analogy for the debilitating human condition in the face of the now present wide-open window of opportunity to develop and evolve.

For human evolution to happen in its spiritual context, the feminine and masculine vectors need to engage in a conversation that would encourage, empower and magnify the best of each of the genders and thereby, the best of each and every person.

Spiritual evolution cannot happen properly in a state of human inequality. It is the human birth-right for each individual life to make constructive choices regarding one’s beliefs and way. What a person decides to think or do is their own business and nobody else’s business, unless their actions inhibit someone else’s opportunity.

Creating space for equal opportunity begins with gender equality

A spiritual season change in play

One of the most demanding tasks is that of the perception and comprehension of new trends, events and opportunities.

The planet has its seasons and so does the universe. The planet has four, the universe alternates between two polarities – the masculine and the feminine. Once every few thousand years one of the two genders takes the lead in an intuitive response to a universal season change.

It seems that we are now in a period of transition, from a masculine to a feminine-natured universal season. It thus beggs to be asked whether the advent of women from around the world being moved to take a firm position regarding gender inequality is powered by an awakening of the feminine instinct in response to this new window of evolutionary opportunity.

When was the last time you were present in an argument, where one person created space for a constructive perspective brought forward by another? When this happens, everyone in the room can feel the thrilling power of agreement.

Now imagine what it would be like when a universally aligned and connected gender equality is established and a mighty power that has been held at bay is released into the world. This is now happening in small yet increasingly significant ways.

With all the ills of the world, we are somehow moving on, where, like the Lilly, the best of humanity somehow surfaces and leads on, out the swamp of the misaligned practices of the world we live in.

The first task for an emerging lady leader is to not be drawn into imitating the ways of men

A new balance in the making

Humanity needs for its true self to be returned to it, to enable it to engage in creating bright futures full of promise and hope. For that to happen, a new state of union must be established between the ladies and gentlemen throughout the world, a need that is gradually building to a point of critical mass awareness.

In each one of us, there is the lesser person in the person and the bigger person in the person. Each joined to a different world, inside and out. It is down to a person’s own choice which of the two they choose to inhabit and engage in this thrilling, destiny-shaping conversation.


David Gommé
World Copyright 2019© David Gommé

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