The Connection Cards Are Here

In this issue of the Fulcrum, I am pleased to introduce to you special Connection Cards –  a set of 120 picture cards, each representing a quality. The cards have been created by an international team of dedicated people, with the pictures being freely contributed by photographers from around the world.

One Of The Toughest Questions

Do you ever wonder why is it that for most people, one of the toughest questions to answer is: What do you want? What do you really, really want? Take a moment to ask yourself: What do I want? What do I really, really want? How clear and lucid is your answer to yourself?

Being Prepared for the Unexpected

To prepare for radical change, some people build underground shelters that come complete with all manner of cutting edge survival technologies and enough food stored for a couple of decades. There is, however, one snag with that way of thinking.

The Shifting Powers of Yes and No

Language is a gift – imagine life without it. It is the enabler of intelligence and comprehension, and the intricate nuances of how tribes and cultures communicate. A person’s quality of engagement is a product of their range of reference and mastery of language at many levels

Five Key Practices For Developing Self-Awareness

It is said that developing self-awareness constitutes some 90% of the journey of personal development. You are likely familiar with the disconcerting experiences of needing to deal with people lacking in self-awareness, or, conversely, the illuminating experience of dealing with a person of high self-awareness.

Global Warming Through Human Development

With the right knowledge and know-how, personal development is a remarkable non-linear journey, engendering exciting outcomes. This Fulcrum offers some food for thought by highlighting the deep connection between the nuclear physics of human development and global warming.

Game of Thrones Uncommon Insight

Game of Thrones has become a big missed opportunity. This Fulcrum episode will explain why and in what way it could have been different. This may be of interest to you even if you have not been following this series.

The Task of Listening

When a person speaks, we hear that which is spoken. Yet, the unspoken quite often screams louder than words through a person’s radiation and body language.

Personal Evolution: A Journey Into The Undiscovered Self

One of the most rewarding personal development practices is developing a quality that, to put it simply, one is not good at. Example If you are a daring person, there is little point going into overdrive to develop your daring capacity. However, if you are beset by impatience and patience is called for, the trap in […]

The Signature Of The Mind: What Do You Sign In And Out With?

A properly functioning mind is a person’s gate to the future. Everything we utter carries the signature of the presence or absence of our mind.  Universal ‘mind-hunting’ The universe ceaselessly searches for human minds that are compatible with the nature and currency of its high energy flows. By analogy, it’s a bit like any company looking […]

Read this before habits consume your opportunity

Merriam Webster’s dictionary definition for ‘Habit’: a usual way of behaving: something that a person does often in a regular way. Part one:    A few facts Part two:    The dreaded dead-end Part three:  Escaping the robot Part One: A few facts 1.   One of the human body’s breath-taking capabilities is to replicate and […]

Conversational Dynamics: The Five Accents

Human engagement is as good as its conversational dynamics. The ability to conduct intelligent conversations is one of the most potent learning, awareness and (self) leadership tools. What is people’s experience when they converse with you the family man; you the friend; you the colleague; you the leader..? The Five Lives An astonishing feat of engineering, the five senses define the […]