Self-Leadership And The Shrink Factor

The Human Miracle
One of life’s great wonders is the inverse relationship between the shear minuteness of our size and the greatness of our gifted capabilities. Such a tiny little spec of a thing is able to assimilate perceptions from the mundane to the incredible; engage in potently meaningful processes and exercise an unlimited, ever expanding capacity to create and innovate – a glowing testament to the deeply profound meaning of “Much in little”.

The Ego: Which Do You Prefer To Be – A Big Thing Going Down Or A Small Thing Going Up..?
The human ego is able to think itself expansively into the ridiculous. The bigger the ego, the more an individual relinquishes one’s precious opportunity to enter a path of real personal growth.

One of the hallmarks of real development is a person’s ability to ‘shrink’ – to be small enough by attitude and self-alignment so as to create the space in and around oneself that allows the feeling-knowing experience of the glorious awesomeness of life and it’s limitless possibilities.

The Smaller, The More Deeply Connected
In the context of humility – but certainly not in the sense of self-belittlement – the smaller we are, the more space we create in ourselves to perceive, experience, grow and evolve. We live in a world that places upon us an incessant demand to be ‘something’ – by way of academic degree, title or role. Of course without dismissing people’s tangible and meaningful achievements and contributions to humanity’s progress, the need for recognition runs so deep in so many of us to the point of losing the way of our natural greatness that ranges far beyond today’s fixings.

Listening And Perceiving: An Exercise In Shrinking
A good listener is on a constant lookout for clues, nuances and subtle signs for the presence of new intelligence, new knowledge, new ideas, new understandings, new trends… “The full runs to the empty”. The art of the wise listener is to be empty in such a way so as to attract into oneself from the fullness of that which has not yet happened; not from the stale fullness of yesterday. It’s about constantly exercising the qualities of openness, humility and the ability to be developmentally vulnerable to the things that are waiting to happen in the context of creating thrilling new futures.

Universal Wisdom And Breakthrough Ideas
The evolution of wisdom and the history of all those ideas that make a difference to humanity prove that wisdom is a universal property that cannot be formularized and claimed – there is no such thing as a professor of wisdom – and great ideas all too often spear in the most unlikely ways, from the most unlikely sources. A few years ago, who would have thought that a 28 year old man will be leading one of the most globally influential high-tech initiatives that connect people in the most unlikely ways? (Facebook)

In occupying a leading position, the greater the task, the greater the need to be able to ‘shrink’, thereby becoming capable of being constantly available to team up with the person or people who have it in them today.

New Times And Possibilities
We live in times of radical change that keep revealing new ways and possibilities. Don’t let the fixings of how things are today determine the opportunities of tomorrow. Never be too big to learn – always seek to learn something new from someone, regardless who he or she is.

In entering a new time that promote exciting discoveries of new skill-sets and capabilities, we may not be aware of who and what may present us with the triggers and catalysts of new forms of personal growth. Never abandon the attitude of being a universal start-up, because this is part of the very essence of being human and the human opportunity.

With best wishes,
David Gommé
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