The Connection Cards Are Here

In this issue of the Fulcrum, I am pleased to introduce to you special Connection Cards –  a set of 120 picture cards, each representing a quality. The cards have been created by an international team of dedicated people, with the pictures being freely contributed by photographers from around the world.

Global Warming Through Human Development

With the right knowledge and know-how, personal development is a remarkable non-linear journey, engendering exciting outcomes. This Fulcrum offers some food for thought by highlighting the deep connection between the nuclear physics of human development and global warming.

Entering 2019 From the Future

As we approach the moment of conclusion of the passing of yet another year in our lives, it presents an opportunity to let go of what needs to be let go of and fashion the mindset with which we seek to enter the New Year.

Best Wishes

Very best wishes to you and yours for a happy, prosperous and fulfilling New Year. May the coming year draw out the best of you and for the best of you help others be their best in these times of rapid change and incredible new opportunities to create new futures, develop and evolve. All the very […]

The Other Kind Of Intelligence

Limited and conditioned by the  21st century attitude to life, the evaluation and definition of intelligence are deeply bound up with the computational powers of the human brain. The self-awareness gap There is a massive, gaping ‘awareness abyss’ present in this way of approaching the evaluation of intelligence, giving birth to bizarre ideas, such as unless […]

Best Wishes

Very best wishes for a peaceful holiday time and a New Year of happiness and prosperity. Wishing you success in giving yourself the freedom and having the courage to be the unique you; stand for what you believe in; meet the future by helping the process of its creation; give others the gifts of the […]

The Greatest Bull Market of All Time

Join the greatest bull market of all time. No, it’s not any world stock exchange, emerging market or known commodity. It’s the bull market of human possibility and your possibility therein. Human awareness is undergoing a dramatic upgrade. So is the evolution of our mental and spiritual capabilities. New technologies such as the advent of the Smartphone […]

Harvesting New Intelligence

Human beings exist in two worlds at the same time: The seen, material worlds and unseen energy worlds. This is why we can feel the heat of summer and within it, the coolness of someone’s attitude. The Leaf The leaf is one of the great wonders of the natural worlds – a technology that science […]