Being Prepared for the Unexpected

To prepare for radical change, some people build underground shelters that come complete with all manner of cutting edge survival technologies and enough food stored for a couple of decades. There is, however, one snag with that way of thinking. What they expect to happen may never happen and what may happen, may require a fundamentally different kind of preparation. So, they may well find themselves woefully unprepared and shockingly surprised by an event accompanied by symptoms and phenomena that manifest beyond their comprehension capacity.

Expecting the unexpected

The best way to be prepared for the unexpected is to expect the unexpected. But expecting the unexpected and meeting it with a good degree of preparedness critically depends on one’s self location. And the key to it lives in one word: BALANCE. Because one cannot properly handle meaningful events while being out of balance, just like those with misplaced preparations.

Change dynamics

Real change is a power-driven event – a change in the nature and balance of energetic powers that imbue an ecology. Every significant event in our lives, every significant event in world history, is conceived in the unseen prior to manifesting in the seen. Consider an unseen seed manifesting as a tree bigger than it by a factor of millions. Similarly, those lacking the capacity and a quiet, well-balanced inner location to perceive beyond the tangible would be caught unprepared by the seemingly unannounced suddenness of a looming event.

This is a vast and quite fascinating study that is mostly lost to the world’s education system.

Let’s embark on a little journey to appreciate the vital importance of being in the right kind of inner balance, generally in the context of self-development and specifically in the context of being prepared for meeting the unexpected.

Human Doing versus Human Being

While we refer to ourselves as human beings, the world is massively biased to the doing aspect.

The natural ‘factory settings’ of the doing versus being balances is meant to be around 50:50, give or take, according to need within the flow of living. Because these are two complementary inner systems, one fast – the doing life; the other slow – the being life.

Being overly based in the fast system creates a systemic imbalance and stress that disconnects people from refined powers, energies and guiding perceptions that may only access the human system via the being dimension, which is the natural home-base of a human being. Those too caught up at the doing end are therefore deprived from revitalising processes and the facility of ‘universal downloads’ that are meant to be an integral part of living and evolving, especially in the spiritual context.

Yes, these are big words, mainly for minds trained into what to think rather than how to think. However, the human is a spiritual being, made to process powers and intuitive learning of a divinely high order as part of a normal way of going on.

The rainbow ‘edit’

Using the rainbow media – and the rainbow is so much more than just seven colours breaking via a prism – what the world has done is to cut out the two higher colours – indigo and violet – ‘editing’ and re-sizing the rainbow of the human possibility into mostly five colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue – with Indigo and Violet, the portals to high power domains and possibilities, mostly relegated to ‘surplus to requirements’ spiritual hobbies.

When a system is disconnected from its higher motives it gradually deteriorates towards a point of irrelevancy

Readers exposed to Future Dynamics processes would recognize this fact at some depth, as we are touching upon a developmental proposition of great magnitude at many levels and depths. The important awareness to proceed with is that as a whole, the world is not arranged to properly comprehend the vibes of change because it is woefully out of balance, caught up in a doing frenzy, and thereby, disconnected from the natural inner systems that are made to know, sense, feel, perceive and most importantly, be in a process of constant intuitive adjustment as a way of life, driven and motivated by the fascination, thrill and compelling desire to develop and evolve.

The future is constantly looking for landing strips in the human and being out of balance simply does not provide for one.

Rebalancing the system

It would be quite natural for you to ask at this point: How do I go about rebalancing my system? This is a life-long undertaking involving several integrating processes, such as language refinement, meditations, contemplations, slowing down to then be able to offer enhanced rapid response capabilities when needed, learning to listen with the whole of oneself, energetic and behavioural refinement and much more.

Developing qualities live at the heart of this process. Pick up a quality that is relevant to you at this time, such as patience, wisdom, sensitivity, kindness, care, belief, courage, persistence, resilience, love, inner cohesion… Task yourself to exercise it every day in small ways for a period of time. The qualities dimension is one of the most rewarding and connective developmental pathways and play a key part in the rebalancing process.

Slow down a bit. Take time out to think and reflect. Open yourself to new ways of thinking. Modern education mainly taught you what to think about, not how to think. Give yourself the space to develop your own mental search engine, capable of astonishing feats of connective learning, not from links and content in a server but direct from the universe.

The Covid 19 event case-study

The Corona virus is much more than a virus. It is a reaction to the world’s continuing decline in the context of standards and attitude to the opportunity of living. The cure, therefore, lies not only in developing a vaccine, but mainly in a radical behavioural and attitudinal upgrade.

Many are testifying that the forced break engendered a new inner balance, evidenced by a re-appraisal of what is really important to their lives with perceptions turning up pointing to new ways of living and working.

The future of education

The future of education is in creating educational frameworks that introduce and teach how to perceive, connect to and handle the whole rainbow of possibilities, not just what is needed by the biases of the world we live in.

The universe registers our quality of being and the reason why we do what we do, not what we do. And the reasons why we do what we do need to resonate with the ways of the universe and the ways of the universe are utterly constructive. There is no evidence that the universe pollutes itself – physically or mentally – in the constant process of creating its own future, where humanity has an important part to play if in the right balance.

With best wishes,

David Gommé

World Copyright 2020© David Gommé

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