The Agile Leader

Definition of agile: marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace; having a quick resourceful and adaptable character.

There is a new breed of leaders, rising under the radar. The agile leader is there not for themselves but for what they believe in, which is bigger than them. He or she are quite happy and content to serve a greater purpose, simply because this is their life’s calling.

Being one’s own person
The agile leader seeks to be their own person, not an imitation of anything or anyone else. Their role model is their vision about what they want to grow into, especially in the context of coming to grips with their natural human potentiality to develop and evolve.

A small ego
The agile leader has a small ego. They mind much more what is rather than who is in charge. What is the nature of personal development that lends itself to the perpetually-shrinking ego? It begins with perception – “how small I am within the enormity of life; of what is possible; of the vastness of the universe”. The smaller the ego, the greater the growth opportunity. Note: small in humility, never in inferiority.

In a permanent discovery mode
The agile leader is in a permanent discovery mode: What is happening today? What is trying to happen? What needs to happen? What is urgent to happen? What new opportunity am I seeing the tail-end of? What new ideas are prodding my mind? Who is holding the constructive initiative baton today? Who is bright and running? What questions beg to be asked?

The fountain of youth
Sometimes, young can behave like old, and old like young… Spirited youthfulness is a symptom of the active presence of a high connection. The agile leader is overflowing with youthfulness, regardless of age. It is an abundant inner state that lends itself to being able to let go of yesterday and start anew, at a drop of a hat. Life is a journey of many new beginnings – for those who are not captives of their or other people’s fixings.

Constructive beliefs
Belief is a mightily powerful quality. Think about what humans have accomplished or destroyed throughout the centuries with the power of belief. So, belief is a power that if not properly harnessed, with good reason and constructive intention, can be utterly destructive. The agile leader is driven by constructive beliefs, in oneself, in others, and above all, in the purpose they serve.

Creating new futures
The agile leader is not bound by dogma. They have a vision that they are driven by. Being tone-deaf to ‘impossible’, they are passionate about the future they want to create together with others. What needs changing? How do we go about this change? What small, yet firmly taken, first steps need to be made? Who is best to lead the process?

Connected to the spirit of the times
We live in times of radical change, happening at many levels, all at the same time. The world we live in is dramatically transforming right in front of our eyes. At the spiritual end, the change is manifesting in a profound transition from a masculine-natured to a feminine-natured new epoch. What does this mean? What does this translate to? What is the evidence? Is it not curious that the six nations deemed to have had the best response to the Corona crisis are all run by ladies? One of the big messages of this looming event is the calling for new forms of teamwork. It is a thrilling discovery process, calling for… agile leadership.

“Those not connected to the spirit of the times can only be part of its misery”

With best wishes,

David Gommé
World Copyright 2020© David Gommé

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