Ingrid Coninx, Senior scientist in governance and engagement for climate adaptation

David’s approach is unique; he doesn’t merely offer advice but crafts specific, manageable habits that integrate into daily routines, setting the stage for meaningful change. His insights not only transform your work style but also contribute to personal development. During our discussions, I experienced several moments of insights that still have a lasting impact on me today.

What sets David apart is his personalized coaching method, rooted in meaningful conversations. He authentically listens, understands motivations and individual challenges, tailoring his guidance accordingly. I particularly value his incorporation of humor and honesty into our discussions, creating an environment that is productive and enjoyable. Working with David has been a game-changer, and I recommend his coaching for anyone seeking a positive shift in their professional and personal journey.

Dr. Tobias Merl, CEO at Pfannenberg

Ich freue mich sehr darüber, dass sich unser Unternehmen für einen Transformations- und später für einen Generationsübergabeprozess unter der Moderation von David Gomme entschieden hat. In mehreren Phasen konnten wir eine gänzlich neue Führungskultur erschaffen, die es uns als Unternehmen ermöglicht, sich dynamisch an die sich ständig wechselnden Anforderungen anzupassen. Hierbei hat David es ausgezeichnet verstanden, Stärken unser Mitarbeiter neu zu verbinden und Teams zu erschaffen, die Ownership und Leidenschaft mit persönlichem und unternehmerischem Wachstum verbinden.  Ich danke David, für zunächst unkonventionell, aber dafür zugängliche Einblicke in das Themenfeld Personal Development, die sowohl meine berufliche als auch persönliche Reise nachhaltig positiv beeinflussen werden.

Carla Serusa, Hart Vice President Human Resources

If you or your company are looking for true Executive Coaching, look no further. I have been coaching with David for about 2 years as an observer and as a participant. In my role as an HR VP that interacts locally and globally, he has brought so much value to me. David introduced me to creative tools, new ways to look at strategies, and new ways to think and respond. David was also always available when I needed a thought partner in certain situations. When meeting with him, I always have that “ah ha” moment. I feel I have grown as a vice president and as a person as a direct result of his coaching, which in turn has positively affected my team and all of the leadership and employees because of my ability to approach situations with a broader view. I now find myself thinking more strategically, viewing the whole picture (looking at the end result we are looking to achieve) and not just the present situation. I have learned not be reactive but instead to be more proactive. Even my stress level has been reduced. He comes with high recommendations from me.

Dr. Tobias Merl, CEO at Pfannenberg Group

Francisco Alpizar, Professor and Chair of the Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Group at Wageningen University

Academic life can be extraordinarily challenging and stressful. Is not only the burden of having to “think smart thoughts”; it is the endless availability of exciting yet time consuming opportunities to contribute to societal challenges, the pressure from younger colleagues and students you are mentoring, and the large bureaucratic processes that universities devise to make sure that precious funding is put to the best use. All this is measured and monitored using highly indirect metrics of success. David’s integral approach to mentoring has helped me stay sane within the system. Recognizing your multiple perspectives, and how those can be leveraged to deal more effectively with the challenges of professional live is central to David’s approach, and key to a happy academic life.

Liesje Mommer, Leading the Wageningen Biodiversity Initiative & Professor of Plant Ecology & Nature Conservation at Wageningen University & Research

We at Wageningen UR are working on an urgent societal global issue: bending the curve of biodiversity loss back into a positive direction. All active participants are excellent scientists from Wageningen UR in their disciplines, yet we felt that ‘real change’ needs something else than convincing facts. And that is where David came in: he helped us to invite the ‘non-linear’ at the table; to listen to each other and one self; to feel rather than judge; and sense ‘qualities’ rather than only think facts; to communicate as a human being. In several sessions and constellations, David worked with us on this huge and hugely important topic and it led to the formation of unseen bonds of hope. Essential to the global issues that we face now. David was able to work with us scientists on these elements that can be perceived as vague, but were perceived as special and touching; bringing in humanity to the room. Some non-linear things that have been invited at the table have already started moving, and other are emerging in ways we do not yet realise. One remark: working with David asks a time investment. We did a pressure cooker version in three half days; where three times two days would have been preferred by David. Still, he is flexible and tuned, and we worked with what was rather than wanted. We made a great start, and I believe more sessions will follow. The participants are looking forward to it. The world and the future generations will need his neutral guidance to change.

Zee Mousa, Corporate Culinary Team-Building Specialist | Owner & Director of Operations at ZeeTheCook Culinary Studio | SHFM RISING STAR 20-2021 Goldman Sachs Scholar

Working with David is a life-changing experience and has impacted my life, my career and my relationships in a profound way (especially the relationship I have with myself). It’s an honor and a privilege to receive wisdom from a naturally born world shaker. David uses a very unique approach, which is VERY different than other coaches I’ve worked with: helped me reveal strengths to be realized, a journey to be appreciated and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. I am a more focused, confident and fulfilled individual today as a result of David’s coaching. Thank you so much for your continuous guidance, love and light. Highly recommend!!!

Henrike Branderhorst, Co-CEO Tauw Group bv

I met David as coach of our international leadership team of Tauw. He has guided and encouraged us to bring the future of Tauw to the present and work on our strategic innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership capacities. He really has helped us to come to another level of listening and understanding our interactions as the senior management team of our company. At the same time David started to be my personal coach and has guided me on my own journey. He has brought me to the next phase of understanding myself and my internal struggles. To see my own path and to expand my capabilities as a leader. I highly recommend David if you are ready for the next step as a leader. If you are ready to see the world around you and all its possibilities. To explore your obstructive convictions, your demons and if you are not afraid to embrace the future.

Andreas Pfannenberg, CEO at Pfannenberg GmBh

David was recommended by our global HR Director in response to an arising need for an executive coach. Very quickly I recognized David’s capacity to engage people and engender openness and trust. Now our whole executive board is coached by him and every time we meet him we expand our personal and management skills. It is fascinating to listen and learn from someone who can touch you deep inside. I highly recommend David to those looking for a versatile, high-impact consultant.

Björn Englund, COO at DaVita Int.

David is an excellent coach and mentor. He challenges you to transcend your comfort zone by understanding yourself in a deeper and bigger perspectives.

He helps you develop a way that brings about a better understanding and feel for values in life and how everything works together.

Personally I have become a better Leader and Human being since I started being coached by David.

Dirk H. Ehlers – COO & President Clinical Diagnostics – Centogene AG

David is an excellent coach, on an one-2-one basis and with Management teams, but in all instances based on strong analytics of the dynamics within the broader organizations.ᅠ He actively seeks to understand the little strings and emotions, that make a certain management setup fail or prosper. He is a personality, with whom (almost) any manager enjoys to interact, enjoying his wisdom and the reflection and insights he succeeds to trigger. And his advice and support finds its way almost irrespective of culture and personalities. David is a cosmopolitan and true thought leader.

Annemieke Nijhof, CEO at TAUW Group bv

The first time I met David was in one of the 10-days leadership programmes that he delivered for the Dutch ministry of housing and environment. This was so powerful that it changed the key issues in life for me. Some years later, being on the edge of entering a new phase in leading TAUW to a new future, I asked David to assist in this process.

We started with coaching and now moved into commissioning David to work with the leadership team, to assist TAUW in strategic innovation, leadership growth and re-imagining the company’s future. I warmly recommend his services to senior leaders who are looking for the assistance of a high-impact top consultant.

Bob DeClerk, President, CEO at USA Scientific

Being located in the United States, I was a little skeptical of how effective my engagement with David would be. However, based on the many positive recommendations I received I went forward and I am very glad I did. David understands and is able to help with all areas of leadership and management including teambuilding, change management, effective communication, and stress management among others. His methods cross geographical and cultural lines and will be an asset for any leader of people no matter where they are based. I recommend David without hesitation or reservation.

Rik van den Bosch, Director at International Soil Reference and Information Centre (ISRIC)

I have been working with David since a year in order to bring the organisation I lead to a higher level of client orientation, innovation and impact. We worked on long term development of leadership potential, cultural change and strategic innovations. David is able to combine and intertwine in-depth coaching with very practical advice in relation to short term management issues. This makes the process both long term meaning full and short term practical for me.

Joop Verboom, Cluster Leader The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment

David developed a tailor-made leadership program for the executive structure of the Dutch ministry of Housing and Environment with very much success and results. He is a top consultant and coach with a big impact. He combines deep and actual expertise on human behaviour with a thorough analysis of world-wide developments. Being a very good researcher with the capacity to translate his knowledge in effective training-methods and advises makes David a unique and very pleasant consultant and coach at top-level!

Dr. Abdulkareem Alsuwaida, Chief Medical Officer, DaVita, Saudi Arabia

Leadership is a science and best to learn by having an experienced mentor. I am lucky to have David as my coach. In a calm, competent style, he shares his leadership expertise and breadth of experience with individuals and groups through executive coaching and engaging leadership teams. With his guidance, I developed my self-awareness and gained self-confidence to become an effective communicator.

Thank you David, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. You have made me a better leader for myself and others.

Peter Morckel, Leader Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

David has worked with us on a two-dayᅠ workshop for increasing the effectiveness of the management team of our R&D lab. The seminar has been a great success. David has achieved this by preparing the seminar very methodically, by conducting it with great flexibility and by adjusting it to the feed-back of the group. I have the greatest respect for his experience, his energy and his integrity. I am looking forward to working with David on the continuation of this engagement.

Hubert Beekhuizen, International Training and Design Lead at Pfizer

I would like to recommend David as an outstanding expert coach. David is able to achieve breakthrough results at personal and business levels. His style is holistic, direct and very much future bound.

Atos: The Leadership Development Programme for emerging line-managers

A nine-day programme, the LDP went on for ten consecutive years, three times a year. The brief: To introduce team and project leaders ᅠto the complex dynamics of leadership and personal development in a way that will help them to formulate breakthrough strategies and achieve their business goals. Several post-program evaluations that took place two to three years after the completion ofᅠ a program proved its immense value to the participants and to the company. Due to its popularity, it was not unusual for a participant’s name to be on a waiting list for up to three years.

“The participants of Atos Origin are very positive about this training. The program has exceeded our expectations and met all objectives and criteria. Future Dynamics has shown to Atos Origin to be a professional business partner, with experiencedᅠ facilitators and commitment to delivery and quality. In addition, Atos Origin fully endorses Capable Dynamics’s vision and methodology on leadership development.”

“I have followed the Atos Origin leadership development program that was provided by David. The course itself was of high quality and was really an eye-opener for me regarding developing my leadership skills. I have learned a lot during the course and David has proven to me that he is a leading expert regarding developing leadership skills. I can recommend working with David to everyone who wants to develop his inner skills regarding leadership.”

“What a great program! I never had a training in my life/career ᅠbefore, where I have learned so much about myself and about people in general! It caused foundational changes. I can recommend this training to anyone who is willing and open to personal growth. The right balance between theories, experience, practice, content, timing, material, learning, practical tools, etc. etc. My compliments and thank you so much!”

CRM Inspiration Events

David was our guest speaker at the CRM Inspiration event on Change Leadership. Presenting to a large audience, David succeeded in enabling everyone in a very impactful way to reflect on their own inner world and meaning when experiencing change. It was amazing to see the impact it had on people and to feel the energy of collective reflection, generative listening and open dialogue with each other. People left the room inspired and with a deep experience of insight in oneself. I had experienced myself the impact David has on smaller groups going through a leadership development programme. Now I have seen and experienced his impact on a bigger group in only one hour. It was phenomenal. I like to thank David for this on behalf of the CRM Association in the Netherlands.

Unilever: The Road to Leadership Programme for the young top talent

Working with some of the brightest young minds in the business world, the nine-day Road to Leadership program went onᅠ for four consecutive years,ᅠ occurring twice aᅠ year. The brief: to design a leadership empowerment program that would align the young top talent to the strategic goals of the company and empower their creative and leadership capacities and marketing prowess, in a way that tangibly helps them to meet their individual bottom-line goals.

​”David conducted the Unilever Road to Leadership program, which I attended in 2005/2006. It has been one of the best courses I have attended so far, leaving me with various very useful frameworks that I still use today. Combining ways to gain deep insight in oneself with a useful research-based theory is in my experience a powerful way to make step changes in both your personal and professional dealing with the many aspects you encounter. Top-notch!”

​”David is very relaxed and charismatic. This is because of his life experience. I have followed a lot of courses where people told me that it starts with you, but this is the first course where I really start believing that its you that can make a difference and develop.”

“​….the most helpful tool at this moment is for me the sentence “do not take things too personally” and I use this together with the Ten Actors. I use it a lot! …I was in the beginning very surprised how you teach us. When you tell something, every sentence has a meaning, making me listen very intensely. The further we were in the course, the more I got used to it and appreciate this kind of teaching. Also, the really neutral way you behave in the group. So I am ‘forced’ to think for myself and can minimally absorb your behaviour. Very good. Thanks a lot!”

Pfizer – Corporare Intervention

These high-impact corporate interventions and coachingᅠ helped to facilitate transition within a challenging change process.

​”David has shown to be a very engaging professional who is a very good listener. He is very experienced, has a sharp analysis, and knows how to bring the message across, leading to great acceptance of personal feedback and willingness to learn. He has done good work with people managers and our leadership team with innovative and surprising approaches!”

“​I have worked with David on several Leadership programs within Pfizer. Within reorganizations it is sometimes difficult to focus on development. David helped to create a momentum causing Leadership Development to happen, to stay focussed on the business, and help change moving in the right direction. We did several modules regarding Personal Leadership, within that the Five Intelligences and the Ten Actors methodology were highly effective and caused stunning results! David is not only an expert; he is an example that appeals to people. He helps people and the organization to the next step…”

KLM – Management trainees leadership development programme

For a period of five consecutive years, we conducted the eight-day leadership development program for their bright young management trainees. The brief: To provide the tools, insights, and support for each of the traineesᅠ to develop their individual leadership and management styles while going through a testing period to demonstrate their determination, capabilities, and value to the company.

“Very intensive program and different than other courses. Excellently focused on personal experience instead of theories. Gives a very effective framework for personal development and awareness of interpersonal behaviour.”

“Excellent course which really has an enormous impact on my development with the right “conditioning” and tools to start.”

The Dutch Ministry of Environment & Housing (VROM) – The senior leadership programme

For a period of fiveᅠ consecutive years, we conducted the leadership program for the top 100 executives of ᅠVROM and delivered several team dynamics workshops for their mission-critical teams. The brief: To help in meeting its 2040 strategic challenges, to design aᅠ high-level ᅠleadership program to help each individualᅠ to develop their unique leadership style, progress to their next level, and to create a vibrant network of interpersonal collaborative sharing of intelligence that eventually supporting a major reorganization.

​”The participants of the autumnᅠ session of the leadership programme ᅠwant toᅠ express their unanimous appreciation for its immense value… we find that participation in this course is a MUST for every manager…”

“​Working with David is an impulse for growth.”

“​I have got a lot of tools to use, but the program is so much more than just tools, it is about how to become a highly effective person.”

“….the insightᅠ of the Ten Actors Methodologyᅠ to handle stressful situations is a powerful help for me.”