The 101 Most Influential Person

‘Time’ magazine recently published its list of who – to the perception of its authors – are the 100 most influential individuals in world affairs in 2014. A mix of anything from the well intending to one or two who are, to all intents and purposes, accomplished executioners; thereby magnifying the depth of confusion that exists in the 21st century.

Who’s World – Which One Of Them..?
The first question that comes to mind is: What exactly is meant by “world”? Is it the world of tabloids? The world of powerful interest groups? The world of intoxicated emotions? The world of human genius? The world of technology driven en mass attention deficit disorders and inability to focus on any one thing for more than 48 seconds? The world of spiritual enlightenment? Which one of them? An impossible mix of all together and more?

The 101
Let’s add one more person to make it 101. Although it’s about one more, it’s really about the many unknown, some anonymous that may stay that way forever, who, by their unassuming ways, attitude, inner cleanliness, depth of belief, constancy and consistency of decent ways make a feel-able difference. These are most of the true unsung heroes of the world we live in and it has always been so.

And you, dear reader, may well be one of them.

What Is the Criteria For ‘Most Influential?’
Here is a simple way to find out: Who of the 100 list – if you happened to have read through it – do you consider influential in your life..? Well, I don’t know about you, but I would not let the influence of some of them anywhere near my life. And anyway, the way that influential people are related to magnifies the degree of ignorance that exists about the dynamics of influence because influence is a power that mostly flows through a person, not from a person.

So it’s not “who is the most influential” but rather “what is the most influential”. The difference between ‘what’ and the ‘who’ is magnitudinal.

The ‘What’ Governs the ‘Who’
What we are has a far greater impact in and around ourselves than who we are. It’s the story of the NASA cleaning man who was asked by a TV reporter what it is like to be a cleaner in such an establishment. His reply was “I am part of the team that sends people to the moon”. Thus demonstrating the attitude of the ‘what’ in the person rather than the ‘who’.

And it’s not that rank, title or credentials are entirely meaningless. However, it’s the qualities, values and attitudes that come to be in our lives – the driving powers of the reasons why we do what we do – that make us what we are.

At core, humans are spiritual entities that are naturally connected to a universe of teaming energies of many different orders. What we are attracts energies and powers that are ‘same-same’ to our inner power formations.

Big Fish In A Small Pond or Small Fish In An Ocean?
With no exception, all world tyrants, past and present, are, in reality, big fish in tiny little ponds that they create – or get passed over by someone that did – in order to sustain their rule. While what happens in these tiny ponds radically impacts the lives of many, they carry little to no meaning in the bigger picture of human destiny. When something that is not meant to be comes to be, it always goes out at some point with a whimper.

The ponds and oceans that we are talking about are made of anything from vibrant, powerful energies that possess incredible healing, regenerative and empowering qualities to stale energies and powers that harbour the persuasions of things such as apathy, fear and implied threats.

Yes, there are tiny little ponds that anchor high and refined energies, but only if these ponds are connected to or in some way part of the great oceans of human possibility unlimited.

An individual human can constitute one’s own, connected tiny little pond. And here is a little riddle: The smaller we are – in the context of humility in the face of the miracle of life – the greater our inner potency, growth and evolution potential as an individual and as a leaders to others.

The ‘Who’ Is Obvious; The ‘What’ Is Hidden
People mostly know each other far more by who they are than by what they are. What we do is readily connected to the who: “I am an entrepreneur”. The reason why we do what you do is connected to what we are: Do I genuinely work towards constructive ends or do I work in the context of nothing but self-interest..?

The ‘what’ anchors the reason; the ‘who’ is known by the action.

Humans Are Like Pipes
Humans are like pipes that channel influences into their own lives and through that, into the world. This perspective points to one of the greatest studies of all: The unseen energy worlds and their untold impact on humanity throughout history, at all levels.

The Human Choice
What influence do I want my life to be a vehicle to? What qualities and values do I want to bring to life in my life? What will I banish from my inner spheres of influence? Thus, a resolute person becomes an anchor point and also a point of appearance for high energies, to the point of producing unseen vibes that very positively influence the world around them in the most unlikely ways.

Like a Baton
In these new times of radical change, influence is a bit like a baton that gets passed over, arching from and between people across the globe. To fix it around identities is to miss out on the fact that certain influences of the most awakening kind may be appearing here and now through those that put themselves in the way of progress that is harmonic to the ever changing new energy flows.

And where the 101 person(s) – more unknown than known – are thereby gates to the most powerfully futuristic influences in world affairs, for those that have the mind to know and eyes to witness.

A no-name star need not be on someone’s A-list for it to shine bright

With best wishes,
David Gommé
World Copyright 2014© David Gommé

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