The Power of New Beginnings

Astronomers tell us that the universe is expanding in mind-boggling speeds. Within the next few seconds, our galaxy will have moved on to occupy never previously visited new spaces. Space-wise, the universe is in a constant journey of new beginnings in ways that defy the imagination.

The ability to move on, to not become fixed, to experience the flow of fresh energies, to be on a thrilling journey of many new beginnings, defines the nature of the human opportunity. It is then a matter of making choices: To be blessed and refreshed every day by the fountain of renewal or be arrested in the recycling worlds.

A new day – gone before it began?

When you woke up today, how long was it before a new day in your life was invaded by yesterday; to the point of leaving scant space for something genuinely new to appear?

So, is today going to be a new day or a recycled day? This is entirely a person’s choice. But how does it work? What does one need to know, to be aware of, in developing the resolve to be a pioneer of newness rather than being a prisoner of old?

The mirror exercise

When one looks at oneself in a mirror – there are many reasons why people look at mirrors, some more obvious than others – what one sees entirely depends on what one is looking for. One can see the old self, the physical self, the spiritual self, the young self, the new self, the bigger person in the person, the incompetent aspect, the vibrant aspect, the arrested aspect…

A mirror reflects both the seen and unseen worlds of a person. Those who are overly focused on the body often end up under the knife of a plastic surgeon. If one is focused on the way that the radiation that emanates through the body shapes one’s countenance, one is observing-feeling the symptoms of the presence of the parts of the human that exists in different time-energy dimensions than that of the body.

Depending upon a person’s depth of self-awareness and personal development, one will see what one is looking for. Looking at the mirror powers a person’s self-view, in a good or not so good way.

When you next look at yourself in a mirror, look for the greater person in you and the visual symptoms of its presence. Because it is there – present, hidden or suppressed.

The mirror in one’s mind

What a person thinks about is constantly mirrored in one’s mind and body. A typical day in the life of most people alive revolves around problem-solving issues because this is the nature of the 21st century: People mostly get paid to either solve problems or maintain solutions. Very few are tasked to use their mind to explore in pioneering ways the vast realms of human evolution in its experiential spiritual contexts. The human is first and foremost a spiritual being; not a commercial, political, military, or what else have you being!

Every day, a few billion people awaken to experience, time and again, the current symptoms of a problem they need to attend to today. For most, it involves various forms of stress, pressure and the wish to be elsewhere, doing something else, if they only could.

Energy-wise, what does it feel like to step into a fresh experience every day, a little new beginning, side-stepping the constant invasion of yesterday? How can it be done inside of the relentless rat-race rush and frenzy of the world we live in?

The self-directing person

What is in charge in you: The greater, self-correcting, self-directing, self-emergent you or something else?

For the greater person in the person, connecting to new energies, exploring new ways, seeking for new insights, venturing into the unknown, trying different behavioural approaches – are second nature.

The self-education towards forging into the realms of new beginnings – vast pristine spaces rained upon by the fountain of youth – involves simple practices. One such practice is: Do something different. Put the whole of yourself behind it and simply do it.

Examples: Do something different in the first 20 minutes of each day. Engage people in a different conversation. Think about something that you never thought about and write it down. Introduce new elements to how you greet people. Ask questions instead of expressing opinions. Listen to the unspoken. Be open to new perspectives. Go on a vegan diet…

Do something different. Discover creative ways to be constructive. Because you can.

Resolving conflicts

When two people find themselves in a state of heated conflict, it can easily escalate to a point of disproportionate disagreement. In many cases, conflict arises out of little differences that become fuelled by unchecked, volatile emotions. It then continues at distance, with the conflict continuing to load their emotions. That is, until one of the sides takes responsibility and decides to step into the bigger person space in themselves; to visualise the conflict being fairly resolved. The skilled executive then holds and cultivates this outcome in their mind, adding elements such as a hug, a handshake, good feelings, agreement, with a proposed give-and-take solution. By doing so, a new space is created for something else to appear, and it will, far more likely than not. The magic of it being that by doing so, the other person will feel the air being cleared already before they meet. When stuck in the recycling zone, stepping into a new space that has not the print of old – and old can be two days old – makes the seemingly impossible, possible.

The power of new beginnings

Did you ever experiences what it is like to be trapped in the web of other people’s opinion of you? For some, this can be a crushing experience. You can change this with one clear-cut decision, because much of how people treat us is a product of how we treat ourselves. By stepping into the realms of new beginnings one may escape a fate, to discover one’s true destiny.

The human is made to be a forever fresh starter. This is the design of life. As long as one maintains their core values, so as to prevent self-confusion, the freedom to develop, evolve and reinvent oneself every day has got to be the most exhilarating experience of living.

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David Gommé
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