Leading Through Crisis

Times of crisis and acute uncertainty push people beyond their habitual thinking and behavioural thresholds. When this happens, people become open to themselves in deeper ways, thereby awakening dormant aspects of their natural human potential. This can cause a dramatic elevation in instinctive pick-up and perception capacity. So, they become self-aware in unfamiliar ways which in turn affects their decision-making and responses.

General habitual living

General habitual living locks people in… their general habitual living… A 21st-century new day is mostly quite predictable, following a pre-determined script that leaves little to no space for real change. Much of the change happening in the 21st century is technologically, not spiritually driven. In being so, it all but guarantees that in the bigger world picture, certain aspects of the human potentiality remain dormant to the point of being completely frozen out of people’s life. This may not be the case with you, but it is with billions of people from around the world.

As an example, consider the fact that a human is not made to be a one thing, like a one act pony. We are born with tremendous natural versatility, able to fashion our responses by fetching and combining different qualities, skillsets, considerations, wisdoms, projections, and more. Incessant demand and pressure to deliver tangible outcomes squeeze people out of their natural inner home base, into a set of acts, to the point of losing touch with large swaths of their natural potential.

The crisis catalyst

The shock-waves of crisis blow away magnetisms that separate people from aspects of their natural capacity and true self, unleashing contained inner powers that engender self-awakening. So, people then perceive, feel, sense, and instinctively know with great lucidity things that are hidden from their awareness when trapped in the general habitual cycles of living. When this happens, new creative powers, new ideas, questions, and realizations flood the system, with different people picking up on different aspects of what becomes possible when this happens.

Can you seize the moment?

The question for an emerging leader is: Are you able to handle self-awakening scenarios, where people become connected in deeper ways to their natural brilliance and intuitive capabilities? Are you able to create the space for the space that radical change creates in people, to facilitate in the best way possible the process of setting people free to exercise the emergent greater person in the person?

With best wishes,

David Gommé
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