The Power of Gentle

You are invited in this Fulcrum episode to step into the mental teleportation chamber; to be beamed out into a space observatory that lucidly live streams any place on earth; where you can, at will, mentally zoom in and out of any location on the globe in a fraction of a second.

What are you seeing?

For one thing, most people alive are either in a hurry somewhere – physically or mentally – or in some state of exhaustion. Most everything is so forceful. The 21st century is obsessed with extremes. Super cars that can travel at speed that if they were to crash, well, I shall leave that to your imagination. Super foods; super shakes; super efforts; ‘work hard, play hard’; the next big thing; ultra-marathons; the next deadline. Watch the cars on a highway – (most) everyone seems to be in a hurry somewhere, all the time.

The 21st century is, by large, in a state of forceful frenzy. There is very little time for any forum of individuals to properly contemplate consequences. Most solutions create new problems; most of the big problems have no solution in the way they are approached. Creating a bright future needs more than a bunch of clever minds. It needs the kind of heart-mind combination that is hard to get by.

Being a 21st century citizen, you have been deeply engraved in the way of forceful. It is close to impossible to attain fame and glory in the world we live in without a good measure of forceful behaviour and attitude. Your experience would, no doubt, testify to confirm this observation.

Forcefulness is a mind-set, an attitude and eventually, an overpowering habit. Tyrants are masters of the forceful, without which their reign would crumble in no time.

Self-awareness exercise

Take a little side-step for a self-awareness exercise. How much forcefulness exists in your daily living? In thought, movement, behaviour, the way you walk and converse, in how you manage yourself and others? Now consider the energy drainage of forceful; where people keep expending excessive volumes of energy into their actions, leading to frequent occurrences of energy depletion.

The bar of human connectivity

Long-standing Fulcrum readers are familiar with the way that the energy gradient of human connectivity is referred to in various contexts. A forceful attitude creates an inner powerful bio-electro-magnet that attracts the ‘red’ aspects of the energy gradient and mostly the coarser, polluted end. So, one ends up needing to invest a lot of force to get a little result.

The reason why many won’t be able to readily perceive this fact is due to depth of habit. One is so semi-consciously programmed in the way of ‘forceful’ to the point of self-awareness blackout that overlays one’s natural human instincts.

Resorting to the ways of gentle amounts to a profound shift in attitude and mindset. The higher the connection, the gentler its expression. Do not make the mistake of associating gentle with any form of undue softness or weakness. Gentle can be ferocious, in a gentle-firm way. So now you may well be asking: What happens if a situation arises that calls for forcefulness? The answer lies in the reason why. There is a big difference between being forceful as one’s default modus operandi to being forceful in response to a situational requirement.

The intelligence of gentle

Any inner state that we give rise to and nurture attracts its matching intelligence. So, it can be said that there is the intelligence of forcefulness and the intelligence of gentleness.

Forceful action is a singular, overpowering act, even if a person appears to be nice. Watch how quickly ‘nice’ dissipates when they cannot have their way. In nature, the intelligence of singular things is far inferior to the intelligence that attends states of being that can skilfully handle multiplicity. We are, of-course, talking here about human beings.

The reason why the intelligence of gentle is so far superior to that of the forceful is that the human is made to be a mindful, open, gentle being; thereby being able to handle multiple powers at many levels. To feel and connect to the mindboggling scope of developmental opportunities, one must not be hard and forceful, thereby repelling and burning out these finer powers time and again.

When adhered to, the gentle way naturally harmonises and connects to the wavelength of the causing powers of life that play a pivotal, yet unseen role in prodding humanity forward from generation to generation.
Forcefulness a sign of the lack of self-awareness; gentleness is a sign of connected understanding

The butterfly effect

You are likely familiar with the butterfly effect – a butterfly gently flipping it’s wings somewhere in the world inside of an atmospheric stillness, thereby generating a non-linear build-up of waves that eventually lead to the generation of a hurricane elsewhere. It’s a profound esoteric insight of how a tiny, well-aimed, intelligent action generated in a non-linear window of opportunity can bring about a change of disproportionate magnitude within its spheres of influence.

A little well-directed warm encouragement can release game-changing brilliance

David Gommé

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