The Three Pillars And The Way Of Universal Leadership

There are many forms of leadership: Family, tribal, business, the military, the church, statesmanship, science, civil service… Living at the heart of it all is universal leadership, the crucible that gives leadership its core descriptions, motives and meanings: What is its nature? How does it work?

The Three Pillars 

1. New Knowledge
You and your decision-making prowess are constantly tested at the point of action in the heat of the corporate battle ground. Do you have the personal depth and range – the mental infra-structure – that enables you to be correct and effective? Narrow mindedness, shallowness and lack of reference lead to mental rigidity and short-sightedness that prevent the intending leader from being one in the context of the shape-shifting needs of today and tomorrow, as every day begins anew with this intention.

New knowledge is the catalyst of progress; the bridge from ignorance to enlightenment. There are two classes of critical fields of reference in our lives: One relating to the needs and advancing technologies of modern living, the other relating to the timeless worlds of human development.

Being knowledgeable in the human development realms, which is in focus here, enables a person to expand one’s mind; grow in a spiritual context; develop outstanding comprehension capabilities and thinking skills; develop one’s natural versatility; develop one’s range of perception to astounding levels… and so much more.

Gaining access into the realms of personal evolution requires an enquiring mind that loves to grapple with the unknown dimensions of living. Why is the human on earth? Why and how must the evolution of the human aura – the fields of radiation that exist around each one of us – be taken into account when designing shared office space? How does the mind work and how can it be developed to allow for a state of superior mindfulness and presence of mind? What do I need to know and do to be able to connect to high energy states that would usher my personal evolution and effectiveness to the next level? What does it mean to be my own person? Why is there a radical shift in balance happening at this time inside of the feminine-masculine equation and why is it a defining event upon the future of leadership? All the above and much more constitutes critical knowledge in the realms of universal leadership.

And it’s not about having all the answers. The beauty of it is in the not knowing; where the more we deal in the unknown dimensions of living, the more we learn through the media of intuitive intelligence. The task of a leader is to help people into new discoveries and in the integration struggle; in applying new insights into the material worlds in ways that promote innovation and growth at all levels.

New knowledge inspired know-how is the deliverer of game-changing outcomes

2. Taking positions
Knowledge and especially new knowledge enables an individual – or a collective – to shift from an arrested to a mobile attitude.

You are about to engage in a decisive meeting with business executives from a different culture and a mindful colleague takes the trouble to introduce you to the do’s and don’ts of behaviour of that culture, upon which big business opportunities may rise or fall. Armed with this knowledge you are then able to successfully conclude a deal that may have not happened otherwise.

Let’s focus on a world stage events – President Obama taking a position regarding the draconian laws leading to massive incarcerations of people who commit non-violent crimes. To be able to do that, he needs to be in a position of power and influence, driven by a sense of justice. Knowledge, however, sits at the heart of this action: Knowing that it is time to act, knowing the difference between right and wrong, knowing that the system needs to go through radical overhall. This is not new knowledge, but is at core knowledge and knowing driven action nevertheless.

Here is another perspective. Do you consider yourself to be a fundamentally constructive individual? If you do, you know that maintaining a constructive attitude is one of life’s most testing challenges, evidence of high personal standards as well as a depth of insight about the purposes of living, because we live in a world rife with not constructive and outright destructive frequencies and attitudes. Taking a position to maintain and demonstrate a constructive stance at al times is a powerfully resonant and influential position that lives at the heart of the gift of choice.

Let’s push the envelope a little in relation to the epoch change in play, with the profound shift from a masculine to a feminine led world. Readers of the Fulcrum know that this is a present theme in many of my writings. As you know, it’s not so much a matter of the world being taken over by ladies but rather a universally sourced process of change in polarity to allow for the next phase of human evolution to come into play. Here we are venturing together into a magnificent unknown which is host to new intelligence; where taking a position is mostly an intuitive process and yet it is firmly based on concrete awarness driven knowledge of growing trends that are already present in human affairs, such as the rise of feminine power in the parts of the world that are embracing change and human progress.

The more resolute the position we take, the more open we are to becoming a crucible for new intelligence, new ways and new ideas.

Taking a position is the ambassador of your beliefs

3. Connection
In contemplating the actuality of ‘connection’, seen and unseen wires come to mind. Bringing an electrical appliance to life requires a connection to the electricity socket. A dialogue between you and another grows unseen connections between the two parties. These unseen wires are for real, instantly arcing across vast distances. Here we enter the worlds of sympathetic resonance and the nature of quantum entanglement that is constantly at play in human affairs.

The most potently causative aspects of the connection domains is the parlay between the human and the universe, which is the source of great ideas and revelations born through human endeavour throughout the ages. While the connection realms range into the profound and mystical, these realms are also firmly rooted in the material worlds. As an example, we know that many events in our life happen like magic, as though some form of higher influence is extending a helping hand.

The avid researcher of the human story would note that many life-changing discoveries throughout history are a result of absent minded moments and out of this world dreams and dream states experienced by great scientists, creatives and philosophers, seemingly appearing out of no-where, in ways that those people openly admitted they would not come to on their own in a million years. Thereby enabling them to translate profound insights into life-changing applications.

Connection – from self to self, from self to others and between self and the universe – is a product of self-knowledge and subsequent self-awareness, enabling us to take a position in relation to life itself as a first principle. By analogy, to be like a piece of iron that becomes magnetised by being aligned to the planet’s magnetic field, but in the human case, becoming aligned to the universe’s flow of brilliance and one’s own flow of brilliance therein. Thus permitting radical elevation in perception, comprehension and understanding across the whole gradient of living.

Connection to purpose is the life-blood of human development 

The Way Of It
Being a leader happens through catching the way of it. You catch it from… you… Your self is your greatest teacher because you are utterly unique and learning to bring this magnificent uniqueness to fulfilment is a product of you surrendering to the fact of your uniqueness and letting it guide you, time and again, to the point of finding yourself in the light of experience. By the act of living, each of us is presented with the opportunity to explore, learn and discover what it means to be oneself. No-one else can teach you how to be you. It’s your life’s work to find out for yourself. Of course if you are fortunate to come across a person that can help you with awareness and insight it can provide crucial assistance, especially in terms of time saving and know-how, as vital developmental insights and practices lose distinction inside of the mass confusion of the 21st century.

What is the ‘the way of it’..? It’s in being open to be guided by one’s higher self and what it is connected to in the universe. It’s in allowing oneself to be guided by one’s higher instincts and intuition. It’s knowing when to press and when to let go; when to go fast and when to slow down; what to say yes to and what to say no to, whatever the cost; when to be warm and encouraging and when to take a distance; when to let go and move on and when to persist and insist; to dance like no-one is watching; to work like you don’t need the money; to give your very best, time and again, regardless of what may be happening around you; to know and accept that you are not perfect and that making mistakes is by design a part of living and crucial to your learning processes and to other’s; it’s in learning the shifting balances between the being and the doing and that sometimes the most potent form of doing and achieving happens through profound states of being; it’s in knowing when to take a side-step to feel and dwell upon what is happening and think things through; to know when to be clear-cut, completely focused, decisive and swift; when to be firmly at the helm and when to let a better equipped person take the lead and give the situation your full support; in doing unto others as you wish them to do unto you; in being self-aware, self-aligning, self-emergent and self-corrective…

Above all, being purpose-bound and not self-bound. The higher your purpose the greater the space to explore and discover in the blue oceans of the human opportunity. It’s a matter of human choice and yours therein.

Humility is the heartbeat of the way of it, thereby allowing us to learn from each other’s experience, knowing how little we know and how much there is to be won

David Gommé
World Copyright 2015© David Gommé

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