Every Forum Needs A Dreamer

There are two kinds of dreams: Those that we dream when we are asleep and those that we dream when we are awake. There are also two kinds of awake-time dreams: Useless day-dreams and creative dreams.

Creative dreaming is a special skill of mysterious powers.

Creative dreamers perceive and create with their minds new ideas and opportunities, sometimes to exquisite detail. Being a creative dreamer is a product of being close to oneself and through that, connection to the powers that attend the human opportunity.

Creative dreamers live outside of the box – whatever box it happens to be, because there are many variations in the world we live in. Their lives are graced by pure inspiration about nothing in particular – they are simply inspired to be alive today and dream the future.

The future is an event that is forever waiting to happen into the now. As such, it is searching for minds that are ready to serve as its vessels of appearance.

The future has many expressions – art, music, design, the well-being sciences, statesmanship, science, behavioural sciences, dance – to name a few. Every aspect of human engagement needs its creative dreamers.

The dreamer’s resilience

From your experience, you know that dreamers must contend with the mockery of those who are fixed in yesterday. Because many great ideas appear through seemingly silly attempts at something new and different. The history of ‘different’ is laced with resistance and derision.

Some 99.9% of greatness in terms of ways, ideas and futuristic technologies is still waiting to happen. Most ideas cannot be dreamed inside of a straight line carry on step from yesterday to tomorrow because they exist in the non-linear dimensions of the universe.

Creative dreaming has a magical power. Done with a bit of skill and know-how it can serve as a powerful growth or change enzyme and make things happen. The last unexplored continent is the power and capacity of the human mind and imagination, which is its main working tool.

A little exercise

Hopefully you have at your home a back garden. If not, imagine you have one. Now imagine that a fruit tree bearing your favourite fruit, ripe to the picking, appears in the middle of your garden just by you dreaming it, while you dream it. Surrounded with its unique ecosphere, exuding freshness and vitality – a feast to the senses. Now imagine picking some fruit. What would it be? Crisp apples? Mangos? Ananas? Papaya? Now imagine another tree that can grow different fruits in different parts, all at the same time. What does it look like? What kind of wonderous ecosphere lives around it? Now let them vanish back into the ether.

What is it like for you to do this exercise? The working ‘mantra’ of a creative dreamer is: ‘To dream it is to create it’. Okay, this may not work with the trees, but it may work when the dreamer intuitively reaches out with her or his mind to pick up on threads from the great unknown and then engage in surrounding new ideas and opportunities with colour, shape, form and language.

Leaders are dreamers

Many of the great leaders throughout world history are creative dreamers in some context. Every decent gathering of people needs their dreamers. Imagine life without them.

Humans are born dreamers

You may be asking yourself: “Am I one of them?” Whatever your answer, you can develop to be one. Let me let you on to a little secret: Every human is born to be a dreamer. It is then a matter of personal choice whether one grows to be one or not.

Stop comparing yourself to others. That is, if this habit lives in you and it most probably does. The greatest act of creativity is leading yourself to self-fulfilment through dreaming out the future of you and helping others do the same.

The future finds its fulfilment through the collective minds of human dreamers

David Gommé

World Copyright 2018© David Gommé

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