Feminine Rising

What is it like to be living in a time of epochal change, the dusk of the masculine-natured old epoch, and dawn of the feminine-natured new epoch, one receding, the other rapidly on-setting?

Subject to your nature of pursuit in life, if you are a lady, you feel this change – to a greater or lesser extent – in one way; if you are a man, you may be feeling this – to a greater or lesser extent – in a somewhat different way.

The evidence supporting this radical change is all-pervading, now affecting every sector of living across the globe. The problem is that many of those in charge do not have the spiritual maturity to comprehend and properly handle the potent energies of change. So instead of engaging in a world-wide purpose discovery conversation, the intelligence and energies of new evolutionary opportunities are being used for personalised agendas.

The new epoch is equally for everyone, feminine and masculine. Calling for new behavioural sciences and inter-personal collaboration. The universe is in the process of pressing the re-set button, but not many are taking notice of this fact.

Part One: What This May Mean For The Feminine Gender
1. Do not copy the ways of men

Repeat: Do not copy the ways of men. What are the ways of a lady? This is for you to discover. Throughout history, men wreaked havoc and destruction of inconceivable proportions on the world and continue to do so today. To be clear, women are not entirely exempt from this, but men have been and continue to be firmly in the driving seat of adults beset with juvenile delinquency, playing endless ‘mine is bigger than yours’ games, deploying all manner of mental and technological toys of mass destruction to conquer the seat of power. The time of this run of insanity is now in the process of ending with a re-distribution of spiritual power, where there is an opportunity for the ladies of this world to take the lead, together with the men that are moved to partake in this evolutionary transition and to be sure, many of the men are now seeking new ways forward.

The future is a spiritual tidal wave in progress. Not copying the ways of men translates to daring to forge into a new unknown and find out the meaning of ‘leadership’ every day, anew.

2. Learn to trust your intuition

Men and ladies lead in different ways. Men are natural go-getters; ladies are natural keepers. But this does not say that men cannot keep, and ladies cannot be go-getters. It is a matter of natural preponderance. Ladies are naturally intuitive – thus, the commonly used term ‘lady’s intuition’. As we forge into a new unknown, the natural qualities of both genders will be tested in unprecedented ways. The human system is made to handle the unknown, where intuition plays a key role in this process. Practice, exercise, do not mind making mistakes and learn to trust and stand the grounds of your instincts and intuition. It will prove to be a vital element in making this journey safe for all.

3. Dare to take the lead in new and different ways

The writer is fortunate to coach ladies of exceptional calibre and all come up against the semi-conscious barriers of men who dismiss the lady’s capacity to handle ‘the big issue’. Because if the lady does not generate the right pitch and sound bites, it is just not going to work, right? Well, wrong. Is it really working with that relentless pitch? Not really. Being compatible with the future calls for new states and qualities of being, which many ladies across the world are now intuitively – and some quite consciously with a good degree of high cognizance – pioneering and acting out from in wonderfully effective ways. Imagine what it may be like five years from now. Again, it is not exclusive to the feminine gender, because by way of process, both genders accommodate both natures, with the feminine dimension now taking the lead.

4. Develop mental toughness and emotional resilience

Many leaders of the feminine gender find themselves in a gender minority, in heavily masculine management structures. Many of the men are unaware that at times this can be an intimidating experience and for many reasons. Especially when a feminine gender leader receives all manner of ‘advice’ of how she ‘should’ go about doing her job, which is the last thing that she ‘should’ be doing. Be true to your instincts, be open to feedback, stand your ground and develop ways to communicate ‘not this way, that way’, in ways that help people to be open and perceive the reason why.

Part Two: What This May Mean For For Both Genders
1. The universe is only interested in evolving humans

Do you think that the universe is in the least bit interested in iPhone 21 or 7G? For it, all it amounts to is various human-invented forms of radiation poisoning. The universe is interested in developing, evolving humans that are engaging in purpose discovery processes, that contribute back not by filling the universe with junk but by filling the universe with special qualities, such as kindness, wisdom, care and the pure delight of the experience of living.

2. Escape the low, connect to the high

All men are connected to a collective masculine wavelength, which is naturally coded for individualism and the special forms of union that can exist between men in their manly loneliness. Ladies are connected to the collective power of the feminata, which is naturally coded for special forms of inter-supportive union. The high end of this manifests in sublime states of inter-gender union. The disconnected end manifests in both sexes becoming prey to divisive powers that should never have been permitted access to human affairs in the first place.

3. Personal development

The prime developmental task for both genders in the context of this Fulcrum is to find ways to escape the arresting dominance of the warped behavioural dynamics of the 21st century, for a lady to discover what it means to be a free future-minded lady and for a man to discover what it means to be a free future-minded man, especially in a spiritual context. The calling is for both genders to work together in this thrilling discovery process.

As a man, be aware that this looming change challenges the male ego, engendering states of insecurity in those that do not strive to integrate with the spirit of the time. Those that do, however, experience the thrill of new possibility, to develop, transform and work together with the feminine gender in the process of pioneering a bright new future.

4. New Forms of stress

The epoch change manifests in a radical alteration in natural energy dynamics, in ways that are deeply impacting people’s inner processes. This is affecting the human system in many ways. As an example, the brain’s radio-set-like attributes tuning into the universal wavelength of radical change, delivering new thoughts, ideas and propositions that are not a linear carry-over from yesterday but a non-linear delivery from the future. There are those – especially from the young generation – that naturalise with ease to this rapidly evolving new reality and there are those that do not. This creates new forms of stress, because when a person cannot adjust mentally, psychologically and emotionally it throws the autonomic nervous system – the fight-flight reaction – out of balance to the point of slow-motion or not so slow-motion burnout.

Part Three:The Way Forward

The way forward is quite simple – find ways to naturalise to the ways of the future. Look out for those that are pioneering this process.

A new balance is in the process of manifesting. Not everyone may like the message and more so, materialising actuality. Truth, however, has no bias. It is what it is, and it will have its way because it is vastly greater than the temporary truths that are shaping the collective mindset of the 21st century.

With best wishes,

David Gommé

World Copyright 2020© David Gommé

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