How To ‘Switch On’ And Stay That Way: Self-Ignition Starter

It was a preparatory meeting with key players of a culture-change process that I was facilitating. One of the interview questions was “what is your current greatest challenge?”

The person’s answer was: “I feel like I am on auto-pilot. It sometimes feels like I am sleep-walking through the day because of the incessant demand to perform and deliver, day in, day out. It’s as though at some point I lost touch with my core. My greatest current challenge is to find a way to reconnect with myself”  
The above quote is not made up. It is real and exact, word by word. Details not revealed for obvious reasons. Does it sound familiar – either from your personal experience or what you witness around you? How does one re-connect with their core, to ‘switch on’, to re-ignite their natural passion and creative spark?

There is a way and it’s all about the big E: Energies.

The energies dimensions
The pursuit of energies is central to our lives. Humans love and need to be in the presence of enhancing energies. A riveting concert; a high-octane conversation; being with people we love; a self-liberating experience; energising spots in nature; a deep meditation; clean, connective thoughts; receiving inspiring feedback…

The degree of closeness to ourselves determines what and how much we get in terms of quality, concentrate and potency. The closer we are, the bigger the inner bucket. Life and living is a gradient, starting here on earth at its low* end, disappearing deep in the universe at its high end. Starting in our deeply rooted habits; ranging into the great depths of our being.

This is why we feel that deep, tingling feeling when we look at the twinkling stars in a crystal-clear night. Part of us comes from elsewhere and it is that part making us feel the deep longing; as home for the human may be elsewhere, not just here on earth. Well, that was the philosophical part, about which much is written throughout the ages.

The Side-step
If you are experiencing the need to ‘switch on’, the first step is to take a side-step into the inner self-ignition crucible. Its working principle is quite simple: You need to be present in a calm, collected state, with a clear mind, available for the process. Becoming available – not being physically here but mentally elsewhere, such as in one’s Facebook page – is essential. By taking a mental side-step you enter the magnificent wilderness of your own mind; a place from which connection to pristine energies becomes possible.

It’s an exercise in freeing oneself up to learn how to travel up and down the slopes of one’s own inner gradient. From the practical and mundane to the high and spiritual; from the high and spiritual to the practical and mundane and all the levels residing in between. Think rainbow for a good natural reference.

Life is an exercise in finding and being found
When you manage that, you can be found by high, pristine, intelligence rich energies that are a key element in the ‘switching on‘ process. And here it’s all about being found. You become like a magnet and the human can be many different kinds of magnets. You become like a resonating tuning fork, and the human can be many different kinds of tuning forks. Every action we perform attracts and resonates, from high to low. You cannot point to where these energies live because they are part of the unseen dimensions of the natural worlds. But these intelligent energies cannot resist the vibes of invitation and attraction of a genuinely needful human because that is what they are there for in the first place, in a state of waiting. It’s a powerful summoning and in their wonderous way these powers – that host a stupefying range of potent attributes – are delighted to be summoned because it fulfils their purpose.

I know this may come across downright weird. But then, it has been said by many a wise person: Life is stranger than fiction. And how life works, what makes it tick, especially at its higher elevations, is stranger still…

The power of intuitive intelligence
Becoming ‘switched on‘ is an intuitive process when one makes him/herself available for it to happen upon them. Most of us are well practiced in recruiting our brain power to finding solutions to complex problems. We are highly proficient in the doing dimensions and not so much in the being dimensions.

The right kind of being – being in a high state of being – is, in reality, a form of higher doing that has its unique ‘signature impact’; often answering for needs that are beyond the reach of the doing universe. It’s a question of balance. Achieving the right kind of balance – ‘the third way’ – between the being and the doing is one of the vital keys to self-development and self-realization.

The notes and the spaces in between
Life is a never-ending dance between the notes – what needs to be done – and the spaces in between – the inner states that motivate and power the doing.

This writing is rich with those spaces in between, where much is written with little explanation. Many of the Fulcrums are essentially a book compacted into a couple of pages. I am often asked “so when will you write the book..?” The reason for not doing so is my love for the realms of intuitive intelligence, for the way of multum is parvo – much in little.

The challenge in writing the Fulcrums is in using connective, coded language that appeals to our intuitive intelligence that I believe to be in amongst the highest forms of intelligence that are available to the human.

Each of us and his/her self-tasking… this is one of mine…

With best wishes,
David Gommé

*Please note that ‘low’ in this context does not mean bad but rather part and parcel of the natural gradient of living. Example: Eating a sandwich is a lower action than connecting to new intelligence, both part of life in different contexts.

World Copyright 2015© David Gommé

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