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Game of Thrones has become a big missed opportunity. This Fulcrum episode will explain why and in what way it could have been different. This may be of interest to you even if you have not been following this series.

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Game of thrones – who will end up ruling the seven kingdoms? The good or the evil? In this series, unfortunately there is only one way to win and rule: Wholesale slaughter. Daenerys Targaryen, the dragon lady, brought new hope, that of a future of peace, prosperity and no slavery. A hope that crashed to smithereens in the course of the recent episode.

Those of you who have been following Game of Thrones are likely not amused by the escalating destructive insanity present in the last episode. Some newspapers featured this in front-page headlines. One may have looked forward to decreasing violence leading to a spiritually illumined, inspiring resolution. Alas, it is not to be.

There is, nevertheless, an esoteric explanation for why it got sucked into destructive madness.

And it’s not the reason given by the producers – “the actions of a deeply revengeful Daenerys feeling lonely and betrayed” – but a very different reason. Read on to find out.

The seven pools analogy

Let’s use the coloured swimming pools analogy to perceive the turn of events. Imagine that life happens in one of seven pools – or better still, oceans – each characterised by one of the seven colours of the rainbow – from red to violet. In our living reality, each pool represents a very real and present energy domain, but using this analogy helps the imagination in perceiving in a somewhat feeling way the energy worlds.

The red pool is the world of terror, war, violence, suppression, oppression, aggression, cruelty.
The orange pool is the world of learning, the pursuit of knowledge, the desire to improve and progress.
The yellow pool is the world of learning what it means to be a human being: Qualities, values, religion, refinement.
The green pool is the world of new ideas, new beginnings, fresh starts, new approaches, change, new discoveries.
The blue pool is the world of developing special capabilities, expanding capacity, special skills, advanced knowledge and superior technologies.
The indigo pool is the worlds of human greatness in all manner of contexts.
The violet pool is the world of evolutionary change, serving a high purpose, creating new futures.

As some of you would already know from our engagement, the above description is very basic and somewhat simplistic- there is vastly more to it. In reality, each pool has its own gradient. As an example, the higher end of red is about outstanding doing capacity. And the pools do have a way of mixing and blending. But this will do for the purpose of this writing.

The human condition

Large portions of the 21st century are arrested at the lower end of the red pool. Consider the multi-billion-dinarios video games industry and the volumes and sophistication of gaming entertaining wars and destruction. The percentage is unreal. But why? The answer is brutally simple: Humanity lost touch with the domain of peace. And the domain of peace hosts behavioural sciences and technologies that are lost to a 21st century mindset. Think regeneratively constructive rather than mindlessly destructive.

The DNA of the 21st century is programmed to use conflict, control, combat, aggression, cut-throat competition and deception as a default modus operandi.

While the higher end pools are present across the globe in multitude, the red dominance prevents them from developing cohesion. We await the first nation that decides to make itself and its constitution a home to the higher energy domains and the casting out of the lower end of red.

What rather than who

So now to the transparent predictability of Game of Thrones episode eight. Because it is about what – not who – is directing this series.

Interspersed throughout the series are many magical moments originating from the higher pools. However, as a whole, it’s trapped in the red wavelength.

While they clearly did their very best, by their demonstration, the producers and directors lack the spiritual knowhow needed to create the profound drama that would elevates the story from red to indigo. Being glued in red while creating such a series, the dire conclusion is both predictable and inevitable. When red has its way in human affairs it’s never a pretty sight.

You become what you process

Many who watch the series observe that in the last episode, the actors do not look and sound well. For those who have the eyes to see, this is the outcome of processing coarse energies. This nature of exposure costs people’s well-being and makes them ill, physically and potentially mentally.

Moreover, in the last epizode, the actions of the dragon lady are the actions of a possessed human, devoid of the self-awareness to comprehend the degree to which the red dragon power has gotten into her head. It’s as simple as that. They would have done well to bring along an exorcist to the filming location… They really do not know what they are doing.

To explain a little more: It’s not that the producers and directors are personally fixed in red.  It’s the confining script, behavioural patterns and above all, energy dynamics that they become exposed to and immersed in during the filming process. The personal cost to those involved may be greater than they may realise. Because they now need to handle the waves of dissatisfaction from millions of people they connected with in the course of nearly a decade. Do they have the know-how to handle the consequences?

A missed opportunity

The writer wishes that they would have been coached into a higher perception vista, to help in landing the story in indigo rather than at the deep end of red, thereby making it so much more profound, captivating, creative and inspiring; creating space to provide access for a higher influence. Because it could have made a difference in some way. Given the space, the non-linear power worlds have their magical ways to help humanity to improve, progress, change and evolve.

If you are one of those that is taking it too personally, hopefully this explanation may help in the matter of impartiality. They simply could not help it.

If you happen to know one of them personally, please share.

Please do leave a comment – your feedback is most welcome.

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