In every human gathering, there are the many that wait for their turn to speak and the few who listen

When is the last time that you really felt being listened to? When is the last time that someone else felt being listened to by you? Listening is quite a demanding practice, isn’t it? One of the reasons for this is that to listen, really listen, we need to create a space for the process and let nothing else interfere, which is a challenging task in a day and age that is governed by crowded agendas and over stimulated brains.

To really listen, we need to be able to hear, feel, perceive, place and respond, rather than just hear and react. Here is a little questionnaire that can help you rate yourself as a listener:
When you decide to lend your faculties to the act of listening:

To what degree are you able to feel another’s inner struggle and inner cry?

To what degree are you interested in what they are trying to say?

When you are listening to someone speaking out, do you always think that you need to respond?

  • What do you pay attention to when you listen?
  • Are you aware that the listening faculties of the human are  made to make it possible for us perceive a huge range of impressions, beyond just sounds
  • How sensitized are you to your instincts? Are you a good listener to the sounds within you?

In the leadership and management worlds, listening is a crucial practice to those who wish to be effective. If you are a leader, your ratings and effectiveness mirror your listening capabilities at many levels. Being listened to means the feeling of being received. When someone says “I hear you”, the question is: are they also listening? Are they able to listen or is their consciousness just too crammed with the interference of everything else?

Human consciousness is the most valued and sought after space in the planet. It’s the place for a TV advert to find residence in, using clever imageries to make us buy something and it’s also the place of birth of incredible new ideas. Train yourself to be able to filter away the ongoing assault of ‘spam impressions’ that can drown a person’s consciousness and focus to listen to those little guiding voices in you that give birth to the intelligence of the moment, the clues to your next steps in the labyrinths of life.

David Gommé
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