The Signature Of The Mind: What Do You Sign In And Out With?

A properly functioning mind is a person’s gate to the future. Everything we utter carries the signature of the presence or absence of our mind. 

Universal ‘mind-hunting’
The universe ceaselessly searches for human minds that are compatible with the nature and currency of its high energy flows. By analogy, it’s a bit like any company looking for top talent; top talent being its most precious resource. So is the universe looking for its ‘top talent’ but – and it’s a big but – from within a purpose that lives beyond the mind-set of the 21st century.

Why would the universe be searching for compatible minds? As deeply profound as it is, the answer is quite simple: The creative feeling consciousness of the spiritual beings that we refer to as ‘human beings’ has its unique position inside of the universe’s inter-connected gradient of moving events and opportunities.

It’s a bit like looking for that rare and special spice that does wonders to an exotic dish. The human mind spices up – thereby catalysing and bringing to life – processes that may otherwise be rendered sterile. One needs to be a little open in the mystical sense to perceive this perspective. To be sure, a little bit of mysticism is great for business. Creative minds have the knack of living and integrating profound insights in ways that greatly benefit the material worlds. Example: Study the sciences of design – such as how shape, colour, texture and dimensions are combined – to realise how it’s impacted by the mystical worlds.

The human mind is the future’s play-ground

The difference between brain and mind development
Brain level development is evident in situations calling for problem-solving abilities. Mind development is evident in situations calling for decision-making prowess. So, complex calculation capabilities to brain; comprehension and quality of decision-making to mind. Sensory perception to brain; presence of mind to mind – to mention a couple of perspectives out of these expansive domains.

Five key elements
Five key elements combine to make up the signature of the mind:

1. Purpose
A mind aligned and ordered to purpose becomes a magnet to high energies and powers. Thus, the term ‘presence of mind’. History proves that when people engage in a collective mission that they truly believe in they will achieve the impossible. A mind developed and conditioned to operate inside of the wave-lengths of superior energies harnesses powers that enable it to exercise directive influence, from self to self and from oneself unto the environment in which one operates.

If you do not have a purpose beware of being a pone in someone else’s scheme

2. Constructiveness
The quality of constructiveness is one of the most powerful fundamental evaluation metrics in human affairs. Constructiveness in its most potent form is created by calculating ones value-adding actions into the now, together with longer term mindfulness to consequences and outcomes. It is quite easy to slip into non-constructive modes of thought and action in the world we live in. Being a constructive individual and making it one’s business to find out what that means across the whole spectrum of one’s engagement is arguably one of the most important decisions one can make; with the mind being the master of ceremonies of this destiny-shaping attitude.

Being a constructive individual is a pre-requisite to getting a leadership driving licence

3. Qualities
Anchored upon and growing out of the brain, the mind is a live, throbbing energy field. While it may be accessed through the brain at least in its initial stages of growth – with the nature of its growth being determined by how we use the brain – it’s a multi-dimensional energy sphere existing in its own enclosure. When developing and active, the mind can exercise overriding power upon the human system. So, as already mentioned, we decide with the mind while we perceive with the brain. What quality or qualities would you say shape and flavour the nature of your decision-making and subsequent behaviour? Is it a combination of wisdom and courage? Resilience and persistence? Openness and adventurism? Determination? Kindness and purposive alignment? Incorruptible constructiveness? What quality energy wave-length typifies the action of your mind? Minds can and unfortunately all too often do develop in a non-constructive context, thereby anchoring not qualities but rather degenerative traits such as cruelty or violence. Here enters the ancient phrase of ‘presence of mind’. The mind’s presence is a product of the nature of its alignment. It can be said that presence of mind is its shape-shifting charisma. You are always acutely aware if a person you deal with has their own mind or are replicating habitual behavioural traits that fundamentally point to some form of self-possession.

The first sign of a person who is their own person is in their quality of decision-making

4. Openness
Are you an open-minded person? What is the range of your openness? Have you already made up your mind about life and beyond or is your mind still open and searching? What is the nature of your reaction upon being confronted with a point of view that challenges your foundations? Do you have your own mind or is your mind already arrested by the crystallization of what the world will have you believe? Do you know what you want, exactly, and do you have a pursuit strategy designed to get you there, no matter what? Most importantly, do you know with absolute clarity what you are not and never will be open to and will never do, as your charisma is as shaped by what you won’t do as it is by what you do?

The first impression of an open mind is the presence of humility and genuine interest 

5. Depth
Do you love the very concept of depth? Some people deal with such singular intensity into the material, result-oriented worlds, to the point of disconnecting from their natural depth. If your life is like an ocean, do you confine yourself to staying close to shore or are you moved to explore the depths of the great ocean that is your life and its many mysteries? Part of the task of being human is becoming an expert deep-sea diver in one’s own unexplored domains. A process that is immeasurably enhanced when exploring with like-minded individuals, as our personal oceans are part of the infinite oceans of the human opportunity. This is where friends in purpose collaborate in the process of creating new futures. Because no human endeavour – from business to science to the arts to philosophy – holds water without at least a measure of new self-discovery; where the evolution of the human mind reigns supreme inside of the equation of the human opportunity.

Depth is the enabler of comprehension – this is why when a person is out of their depth they are unable to comprehend what is happening

Final word
In its open, growing, evolving mode, the human mind is a multi-dimensional energy compound that literally constitutes a living crown upon one’s head. Modern technology is but a pale symptom of the constitution and creative capacity of the mind. The hijacking of the human faculty by modern technology – think smart devices and attention deficit disorders – brings about a state of affairs where people are far more skilled at using their smartphone than accessing the full range and depth of their potential.

Perhaps you may wish to take a side-step to update the signature of your mind?

David Gommé
World Copyright 2015© David Gommé

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