The Shifting Powers of Yes and No

Language is a gift – imagine life without it. It is the enabler of intelligence and comprehension, and the intricate nuances of how tribes and cultures communicate. A person’s quality of engagement is a product of their range of reference and mastery of language at many levels

Language lives in a power gradient

Some words, such as hippocrene, enantiodromia, and zeugma exist beyond the mundane language scope of many. Others, such as water and air, are common language currency. Beyond their plain meaning, words serve as vehicles and point of connection to powers of many variations that can cause, enhance, heal, inflict, encourage, prevent, warm, cool, illuminate… Think about how proper or improper usage of a word at certain moments in time impacts destinies and opportunities.

The human existence occupies two adjacent dimensions: The material worlds and the worlds of energy and power. How one uses language reflects her or his depth of awareness of this fact. As an example, the difference between “I am hungry” and “I am hungry for new insight regarding the dynamics of human emotions”. “If I don’t get my act together, I won’t get this task done in time” and “If I don’t get my act together, I may not be able to generate the signal and radiation that what I aspire to be calls for”.

What is speaking in and through a person?

A person’s usage of language reveals their self-location along the power gradient of the human possibility. One may be uneducated in the formal sense but highly connected in the developmental-evolutionary sense. A highly connected person will thus have access to intelligences, refined forces, and possibilities that no matter how ‘Oxfordian summa cum laude’ a lower-connected person may be, their life may not have access to the higher end of the human possibility. True creativity is a product of connection, evidenced by a multitude of stories throughout history.

Language, therefore, is a stock-exchange of powers, low to high to the divine. A person’s development and language skills determine the energetic quality and nature of persuasion of the language produced by his or her processes.

The case with ‘yes’ and ‘no’

Which brings us to the specific focus of this Fulcrum, on two words that any language, any human, cannot do without. So much so that the natural technology associated with these two words is etched into the ‘hardware’ of the human design: ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. To highlight one of many aspects of this natural design, think what happens when you ‘turn your back’ on someone, or when someone does it to you. The body is built for ‘yes’ and ‘no’, to enable an intent-directed flow of life, without which we would not be able to make clear decisions.

Yes and no are thus more than just words. These are two fundamental modes between which we constantly alternate. Without the facility of yes and no we will not be able to create lucid mental road-maps to guide us in our daily endeavours. Think how many times you thought “yes to this”, “no to that” since you woke up today.

The power and quality of ones yes’s and no’s is a product of her/his personal development. A person may harbour weak or strong, perceptive or ignorant, educated or uneducated, well thought through or casual, ethically or not-ethically guided yes’s and no’s.

It was always a matter of self-election

Exercise impartiality for a moment to observe the disturbing reality where the natural, God-given permission to exercise the higher power of yes and no has been robbed from the human in the course of history, thereby compromising the mass’s resolve in exercising yes’s and no’s in the things that matter most to human beings (more here, less there, in terms of world locations), to the point of severely weakening the world’s natural immunity at physiological, mental and moral levels. And it is the deterioration of standards that create the hotbeds for the appearance of illness, disease and virus strains that have no place in human affairs.

How was the ‘no instinct’ of so many humans driven to a point of frozen submission? Answering this question is not the objective of this writing. The objective lives elsewhere, which is the awareness to the presence of a new window of opportunity; to pristine, unoccupied domains that any aspiring human can self-elect to access and occupy. A new window of opportunity that serves as an access point to the forces that can return humanity to its natural instincts to make sensible choices, thereby re-powering our natural yes to this, no to that capacity.

The higher form of self-vaccination

What we say no to is like a self-vaccination. What we say yes to, is like a self-fortification, at many levels.

Now arguably to the most important point of this Fulcrum. The correct, uninhibited exercising of yes and no within both the spiritual and material dimensions of living leads to a third state, which is neither, engendering a state of constructive impartiality; a third way or state that attracts new insight, new intelligence, new discoveries… New states of union between humans and the forces that occupy the higher end of the human possibility.

The times of the single saviours have gone. The time of the many saviours has arrived. The power invested in one in past times is now equally vested in millions. It’s now not a question of a single person’s destiny, but that of individual’s exercising their self-election birth-right of what they say yes and no to.

In election times, every person’s vote counts. In electing to create access for a new, bright future, every person’s yes’s and no’s count, especially what we say no to.

With best wishes,

David Gommé

World Copyright 2020© David Gommé

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