Augmented Reality versus the Real Reality; Smart Phones versus Smart Minds

It’s one of the hottest and potentially highly lucrative, rapidly developing search technologies:

Point your Smartphone at whatever you are looking at and provided it’s been mapped into Google’s data base the screen throws back everything there is to know about it. Or, rather, everything someone thinks you should know about it.

For those who are into personal development and human evolution, the question is: What happens when one directs one’s faculties at what he or she are looking at? Or, more so, what they are thinking about? What does it feed back into their consciousness?

To what degree is the smart-phone craze robbing us from some of the wonderful natural capabilities that define what it means to be human in its developmental, evolutionary context? Of course Smartphones are great toys and when used correctly can be excellent productivity and time-saving tools. To repeat, however, once again, the big question: To what degree are they robbing us from realizing and developing our natural capabilities?

The human mind is by and large a mysterious, undiscovered universe. Its wonders, amazing capabilities and potential are an open book: The more we realize, the greater the mystery. ‘Presence of mind’ speaks of an unseen mind energy field that forms and re-forms in different situations, drawing into itself the intelligence of the moment. Because each of us possesses a mind characterized by a unique blend of intelligence formations, inner focus, powers and qualities, each person’s presence of mind mirrors a different facet of what is happening. The more developed a mind, the greater its range and coverage. And, its ability to form a presence with a minimal ‘warp factor’ in the context of the multi-dimensional, unseen ‘holograms’ that mirror reality to greater or lesser extent.

Minds are vibrant unseen fields of power that live around the head. A mind – do you mind..? – is a product of a person’s development that – when nurtured – keeps growing and evolving throughout our lives. Developing minds – especially when they have the opportunity to interact in like-minded dialogues –  offer fascinating glimpses into the quantum worlds as they apply to human evolution. One way to experience it is through the feeling of the atmospherics and energetics generated when we engage in thrilling, enhancing activities that summon fresh energies into a place; be it a room with a few friends or large gatherings. Most people feel the energy and would often comment about its deep impact. You may want to re-read the previous Fulcrum issue “Quantum development and the dynamics of influence” –

All living things live and resonate within set frequencies, wavelengths and energy fields. The human’s free-range connective capabilities sets it apart from all other living things. These natural vibes cannot be tuned into using a radio set but they can be tuned into through the knowledgeable deployment of our mental capabilities. The human faculty is capable of connecting to just about anything that moves; anything that resonates, anywhere in the universe, for better or for worse, where physical distances have little meaning. Study the incredible entanglement phenomenon in quantum physics to appreciate how when two elementary particles are bonded together and then separated, they will forever stay connected regardless of distance. Whatever happens to one will simultaneously affect the other thereafter.

Translated to the human worlds, when two people become connected to each other in some meaningful way; when one turns his/her mind to the other, they often feel in some way his or her vibes. The more intact and developed the mind, the more lucid the feeling. Of course there is so much more to it than the entanglement phenomenon. It is highlighted here in the context of the awareness building process that human life is deeply and comprehensively influenced by the unseen worlds of power and energy, where lies our limitless possibilities.

By design, the human faculty has an astonishing range of cognisance potential. Added to which is the living sciences of translation – the ever-developing ability to translate our perceptions, feelings, gut-feel, instinct and intuition into meaningful, revealing language formations. These exploration and discovery processes are richly rewarding both spiritually and materially: Most great explorers and discoverers throughout history had/have a deep interest and passionate pursuit of the esoteric dimensions of the human capability.

Many of the life-transforming ideas from which humanity critically benefits originate from minds that have been able to somehow, often in seemingly magical ways, connect to and draw new ideas from intelligence formations that exist in the natural worlds.

Just make sure your mind does not end up a hologram of a Smartphone. Or, that you end up being so much more proficient in getting the maximum out of your Iphone than getting the maximum out of your vast potential.

David Gommé
World Copyright 2012© David Gommé

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