The Connection Cards Are Here

In this issue of the Fulcrum, I am pleased to introduce to you special Connection Cards –  a set of 120 picture cards, each representing a quality. The cards have been created by an international team of dedicated people, with the pictures being freely contributed by photographers from around the world.

These cards derive from the recognition that images and pictures speak to us in so many ways – prompting reflection, self-meditation, and new perceptions. The Connection Cards capture special moments and qualities that have the power to enhance our lives. They can quieten, inspire or cause inquiry, and they invite us to be with the world around us and inside us in new ways.

Qualities Enhance Our Future

The future is coming. We live in a time of transition between the past and the future. Qualities add to our inner stability in times of turbulence and uncertainty and hold the power to enhance our possibility. These 120 Connection Cards are designed to accompany us in these changing times and inspire a process of exploration into the connections – within oneself, between oneself and others and between oneself and other things. These  photos expressing qualities have been put together to help us connect to the inner energies that live within these qualities – as a source of well-being and resilience, and as a tool for personal growth, awareness, and appreciation.

Why Connection Cards?

Living qualities enrich our lives and add hope for a better tomorrow. They give meaning and value to our interactions, are a mark of our humanity and represent added value for a better society. Qualities are the bridge that connects all people; a plasma that creates unity in times of challenge. They can give us the strength to rise above the everyday, to overcome differences and to reach for an elevated perspective.

These Connection Cards can help us make the best of our everyday.

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As a special introductory offer, organizations or groups that purchase 20 packs or more are offered a two-hour on-line Zoom workshop into growing qualities. Please write to me at

Please note that Future Dynamics is privileged to support this project and has no monetary benefits from doing so.


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David Gommé

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