The Two Stories: Your Inner and Outer Worlds

Of all the subjects that I have been researching over the years, I find the study of the unseen worlds to be, by far, the most compelling, demanding and challenging of all – the deeper one gets into it, the bigger it becomes, where living the state of not knowing is the norm in this process.

The term ‘unseen worlds’ is used to broadly relate to the worlds of energies, forces, entities, and intelligences that exist in rarefied rather then dense material states. So while the ‘seen worlds’ speak of everything seen and tangible, ‘unseen worlds’ speak of that which is there, that can be felt and registered, but cannot be perceived in the same manner as the material worlds. Everything that exists has a seen and unseen, energetic dimension. While the whole make for a fascinating study, the prime focus in this work is upon the unseen worlds associated with the evolutionary realms. This podcast, ‘The Two Stories’ is offered as assistance for those looking for access pathways into this fascinating study.

Perceiving With Feelings
Pointing to one of a countless possible examples, none of us can see the emotions but all of us feel the changing tided of our own emotions, and witness emotionally driven behaviour. There are many levels to the deep and complex relationship between the human and the unseen worlds. Some knowledge of the nature of this relationship is essential to those who are serious about their personal evolution.

The Inner And Outer Stories Of Our Lives
There are two stories playing out throughout our life: The inner story and the outer story. We mostly get to know one another through our outer stories: What we do, how we communicate, our behaviour and personal theatre. What we mostly do not see and perceive are the inner stories: The inner dramas, struggles, pains, desires, the reasons why we do what we do, what drives us, what we really feel and what we really want. This goes further, into the realms of the unknown dimensions of ourselves, such as dormant formations, and hidden talents and capabilities that are either not advertised by the person or lie unused or in dormant state, waiting to be awakened by the silver kiss a person’s developmental pursuits. When did you last experience dealing with someone, where you felt that there is something about them, something different, something special, that you can feel but cannot clearly describe? Let’s bring it closer to home: Something about the natural you that you feel the presence of, but are lacking the inner skill to bring it to an inner and outer expression?

Connected Or Disconnected..?
This is why we are so surprised when witnessing a person’s previously hidden inner life suddenly bursting out in an unexpected way that can come across as out of character or a new kind of ‘in character’ . Consider the ‘successful’ person who seems to have everything going for him or her, suddenly breaking down into acute depression, or worst. Their incongruent inner and outer stories exist in a state of disconnect, giving birth to states of unsettlement, inner conflict and confusion.

Seeing Through Mental Smoke-Screens
Taking this perspective into world affairs, every daily news item that we are ‘fed’ with via the mass media has an inner story that is all too often quite different than its outer story. And, to a point that if there were two news media, one highlighting the inner story of a given news item and the other highlighting its outer story, we may not be able to relate one to the other.

Look into your life – your inner and outer stories. Does your external theatre reflect the drama of your inner story? Do they connect? What parts of your inner story is reflected or magnified by your outer story? What parts never see the lights of expression? Do you feel the need for a rebalancing process?

Leadership Awareness
This question is especially relevant to those who are charged with leading others. If you are occupying a leadership capacity, make space for the awareness that in each person and in each situation there is a hidden inner story.

Often, “The cry is louder than the petition” – the unspoken is louder than the spoken. The question to ask ourselves is: Are we able to create an atmosphere of safety that invites a person to open and and reveal more of their inner story? Because there are occasions that doing this may benefit the whole. As an example, a breakthrough idea that cannot be voiced in an ecology that does not promote creativity.

Too many people in the world we live in have become so fixed in their outer story, to the point of losing touch with who and what they are.

Make sure this does not happen to you – and to those you lead.

David Gommé
25 March 2009
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