The Triad Of Growth: Time, Space and Opportunity

There are two kinds of growth in human affairs: Carnal and Spiritual. The former is fixed to established boundaries. The latter has no known limits.

Growth cannot happen without its building blocks. Bricks and mortar are required in order to build a house. But they don’t build a home. Powers and energies in the form of a great variety of stardust essence qualities are required in order to achieve lasting spiritual growth.

A mature hardwood tree can reach a weight of around 50 tonnes. Consider the journey from a tiny seed to full blossom. Where do these 50 tonnes come from? Not from the earth surrounding the tree and certainly not from the minerals in the water siphoned by its roots. It’s a mystery that no scientist can explain. These 50 tonnes seem to be sourced from thin air – which they actually do – or ‘thin energies’, to be more precise. It’s a process of energy condensation into matter through processes that science knows too little about. And the same natural laws govern the process of spiritual growth and evolution.

What kind of growth do you create space for in your life? This is the life of you become what you process. The human mind works like a magnet – constantly attracting and siphoning energies and powers that are in harmony with a person’s nature of process. Care attracts care and violence attract more violence. There is an infinite variety of weird and wonderful mixtures and blends that a person creates within one’s inner life; from the toxic to the deeply nourishing.

Space and time are a duo – we must dedicate the time in order to create space for growth. If a person’s time is consumed by stress and anxiety, they may not be able to create space for their personal growth and as a direct by-product, the growth of their business.

To enable growth of universal wisdom in one’s life, one must become a ‘wisdom magnet’ by creating space in oneself for the growth of the essence of wisdom. This essence has a great range of outplays, from developing the ability to perceive the hidden connection between seemingly unrelated events to great teachings. It is a magnificent, never-ending quest.

New opportunities require spaces to appear in. Which is why one of leadership’s greatest tasks is to maintain a dedicated still space in one’s life to be able to feel the sensation of new opportunities and possibilities therein. Arguably the greatest wide-open window of opportunity that is currently present is that of evolution beckoning for human attention.

The first task of those wishing to engage with evolution is to let go of dogma. Evolution is a live-wire event, happening in the here and now. The nature of its calling is deeply spiritual and many of the symptoms surrounding it have no previous record in history. It is also a deeply personal feeling experience that the apprentice – which we all are in the face of its looming enormity – needs to accommodate and cultivate inside of one’s unique formations and nature of personal drive.

Opportunity knocks. Opportunity beckons. To march to its tunes, one must listen to one’s own instincts and lock out the intellectual white noise produced by disconnected minds, as intellectually brilliant as they may appear to be.

The greatest leadership responsibility of these times in the facilitation of people in the existential opportunity to grow and evolve, each person in their unique way

David Gommé

World Copyright 2017© David Gommé

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