The Intelligence Of Integrated Awareness

“As above, so below – If you want to study man, study the universe. If you want to study the universe, study man”. Both approaches, however, begin and end with self-awareness.
Whether one seeks to study oneself or the universe, self-awareness is the only media that allows for an intimate feeling experience; without which self-development would be rendered a sterile proposition.

When a person is too full of themselves; too full of a misplaced self-view; too full of a perceived deficiency; too full of their ego; too full with a problem – their cup constantly runneth over. Thus preventing them from feeling and perceiving the reality that shapes the world around them.

Imagine life where you are forced to consume a partly stale drink time and again… Being too full of oneself is like having a cup that never completely empties to allow for the experience of a fresh drink. Thus, stale self-awareness; being held back from experiencing the breath-taking range of one’s feeling and perception capabilities.

Ask yourself: To what degree am I aware of:

  • How I comes across
  • My blind-spots
  • My key strengths
  • The nature of impact that my actions generate
  • My imperfections
  • What is happening in me that is not personal to me
  • What is happening around me
  • Dominant trends
  • Emerging trends
  • The trends of oneself
  • The presence of new opportunities
  • Implications and consequences
  • What is happening in the bigger picture
  • What my instincts are trying to communicate
  • The body’s well-being balances
  • ‘Screaming’ needs
  • Other people’s struggles and needs
  • Threats and dangers


When one’s self-awareness inner balance is right; when one’s developmental struggle lives in a not so personal context – where it’s not just all about oneself but also about a greater vision, mission or purpose – it exponentially expands one’s self-awareness capacity, leading to the state of integrated awareness.

Integrated awareness is like a magnificent multi-dimensional hologram. Forming and reforming, moment by moment… a shape-shifting perception membrane that gives rise to thrilling combinations of new intelligence.

As we develop our integrated awareness mindfulness, our lives become crucibles to the moving intelligence of the moment. Making it possible for the persistent practitioner to be able to respond to needs in selfless ways that offer the best of oneself. Thereby helping others in their struggle towards greater self-realization.

Integrated self-awareness is one’s personal news service

David Gommé
World Copyright 2015© David Gommé

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