The Right and Left Brains and The One Mind

The AI debate
Will Artificial Intelligence and advanced robots one day rule humanity? Let’s introduce some spiritual sanity into this insane idea.

While the brain-level, computation-based perspective that is making this prediction is understood, there is a whole other world that human beings are made to be able to deal with – the worlds of energies and powers, of feelings and higher emotions, of integrative intuitive intelligence and all combined – that no man-made computer or robot will ever be able to properly compute and mimic. Well, certainly not before scientists find a way to first turn a machine into a real spiritual being.

The worlds of energy and power
To make up our minds about any meaningful issue, we must be able to use the brain correctly and effectively. Not using any ‘something’ correctly means using it at a fraction of its potential and true function.

If we only know how to use one aspect of the brain’s potential, we can only make up a portion of a mind rather than a whole mind. And then, trying to make a full response with a handicapped mind curtails perception and effectiveness and can cause more stress in what is possibly an already stressed up system.

With some basic knowledge about the workings of the brain and its natural balances there is much that can be done towards making up a whole mind, to be able to give a fuller, more effective response to matters that need our undivided attention and effective response, while maintaining a constant process of developing our natural capabilities.

The right and left hemispheres
As any neurologist, may testify, the human brain is made of two separate hemispheres – the left and the right brains – that are connected by the Corpus Callosum, a conduit consisting of millions of complex nerve pathways.

Two hemispheres; two separate brains that make up the whole brain. The left brain is, by preponderance, responsible for perceiving and handling the material world. The right brain is, by preponderance, responsible for perceiving and handling the energy worlds. Perhaps take a moment to contemplate this fact – this is how your brain works. It therefore formulates two complementary perceptions about any one thing all the time.

To what degree are you aware that your brain is doing this, here and now?

A question of self-awareness
Most people alive – and this is a confounding fact – possess very little understanding of the practical meaning and implication of the fact of having two different brains in one. The 21st century is so materialistic so as, for most intents and purposes, dismiss much of the reason for the existence of the right brain. It is as though humanity has relocated to move its mental centre of gravity to live by the left brain’s perception and processes.

Two different, complementary dimensions
While being made to be complementary and inter-supportive, it can be said that the two hemispheres of the brain live in two different dimensions. The left brain, by preponderance, handling the enormous range of traffic flowing through the neural pathways and circuitries that are needed to manage a vast range of tangible activities, from making a cup of tea to highly complex calculations. The right brain, by preponderance, handling the enormous range of energies and impressions that live around and anchor upon the material worlds.

Enter a room. The left brain perceives and calculates the physical dimension; the right brain perceives and calculates its energy fields.

Meet another person. The left brain perceives and calculates physical appearance, language usage, manners and so on; the right brain perceives and calculates the person’s aura, charisma and the vibes of some of the processes that go on in the other person’s mind.

Visit a botanic garden, the left brain perceives and calculates colour, form, smells, combinations and arrangements; the right brain *perceives and calculates the energies that the garden anchors. (As already mentioned, each hemisphere by preponderance).

*Perceives and calculates: According to a person’s training, education and personal development, which hugely varies between people.

The Mind
How we use our brain and mental capabilities determine the kind of mind that we grow. The mind is a very real, unseen presence that anchors on the brain and in time can become completely independent of it. The mind has a presence of its own, thus the commonly used term: ‘presence of mind’. Another term that we often use, “I need to make up my mind on this or that” reveals the shape-shifting nature of the human mind.

If a person is entirely focused and concerned with the material worlds, they gradually develop a dominant mental habit that by default seldom relates to the energy worlds. Now consider the fact that the energy worlds make more than 90% of anything that exists, to appreciate the nature of imbalance that is present in the minds that rule the world we live in.

When a mind is a product of the well-balanced usage of the intrinsic ntures of the two halves of the brain, it can perceive, connect to and comprehend levels and elevations that exist beyond the conception of a mind that is limited to the perception of the material worlds. This is where a powerful and – for some people – crucial connection is established between the mind and the spiritual dimension. And, the developing interest in recent years in the place and importance of ‘spiritual intelligence’.

New trends
There is a growing number of people these days all over the world that experience the need to perceive and understand how the tangible and intangible work together. The first task is to appreciate the enormity of the task: Even within the confines of our body and aura, our own energy world is already vast. Now add to this other people, the planet and the universe. These magnificent worlds, imbued with great mysteries, are largely beyond our conception.

The greater the awareness to the presence of the mind-boggling variety of energies and powers in and around us, the more we can understand the practical meaning of the place and important of qualities, standards, ethics and values. And, to also become aware of the fact that human beings are made to refine, develop and evolve and that these processes always involve development powers and propositions of ever increasing potency.

The essence of leadership lives in the unseen dimensions
Therefore, considering developing one’s personal effectiveness and leadership capacities without giving due and well-balanced considerations to the two worlds that we are made to perceive and respond to is like trying to develop a lasting relationship devoid of endearment, love and affection. It simply won’t work – certainly not in the long term.

This is the ‘octave change’ that intending leaders must experience to be able to perceive what is involved in providing leadership unto oneself and unto others. And, what is involved in perceiving the complex dynamics of change and human evolution.

I warmly recommend watching the following most illuminating clip to gain a valuable insight about what this Fulcrum highlights: (please copy and paste onto your browser’s address bar)

Developing self-awareness
Being aware of the two hemispheres and how they are meant to work together and give birth to an emergent, well-balanced mind has a profound impact on one’s personal effectiveness and evolution.

If you happen to be leading people, some may gravitate one way and some the other. Especially if you, as a leader, happen to gravitate one way yourself. Therefore, learning to communicate in a way that appeals to and reaches both is crucial, otherwise you always end up unwittingly leaving some of the people struggling to connect with what you are trying to convey and everyone struggling to perceive the whole picture, leading to flawed decision-making and losing sight of new opportunities.

The ability to perceive and respond to in a holistic way to the seen and unseen aspects of any one thing or event determines the outcome

David Gommé
31 July 2009
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