The Magic of Kindness

Dictionary definition of Kindness: “having, showing, or proceeding from benevolence”

Each form of life leaves in their trail a unique signature evidence for having been there. Bears leave behind scratches on trees; birds – nests; beavers – dams; wolves – skeletons of their prey.

A human can be many things. There are those who stray to below animal-level behaviour and those who rise to divine ways and connections.

A human being that thinks and acts like a human being leaves in their trail a special kind of signature: Acts of kindness.

The 21st century is a hard-driven, unforgiving ecology. Even its seemingly soft aspects are overly hard. Bursting out through one’s strength of spiritual vulnerability, a mindful act of kindness reconfirms who and what one is, thereby augmenting the evolving fabric of one’s self-created spiritual identity.

The love of giving fair measure is the master of ceremonies of kindness. Now consider the multi-dimensional feeling-guided perception involved in giving fair measure in the space of a moment’s response to a person or situation. Thus, enter the intelligence of kindness. Because it does have its unique form of sensitive intelligence that, like magic, instantly gathers at the point of action.

Being a source of well-being to the giver no less than it is to the receiver, kindness is life-enhancing as well as life-extending. The mentation and resonance of this defining quality attracts fine energies, brightens the soul and keeps a person close to oneself.

The sentiment to act kindly towards oneself and others delivers itself through a compelling impulse from the depth of oneself that a self-aware person cannot and does not want to suppress. Kindness is the pulsating heart of the essence of humanity.

And yes, it starts by being kind to the many feeling lives that make up the self of the person. As an example, to give oneself the confirming warmth and encouragement that one wishes to receive from and give to others.

When present, kindness would keep people away from insane reckless schemes and destructive practices, such as testing nuclear devices on pristine ecologies millions of years in the making or intentional harm-inflicting action. When you next observe a speech by a world ‘leader’, perhaps ask yourself: To what degree is kindness firmly present as a genuine, unambiguous trait of a sincere person?

One may call kindness a ‘soft skill’. Perhaps another way to refer to it is: Behavioural magic. Because a moment of kindness can, in an instant, turn a despairing person’s life to the better in some meaningful way.

Life without kindness is like an engine with no oil

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David Gommé
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