Pfizer – Corporare Intervention

These high-impact corporate intervention and coachingᅠ helped to facilitate transition within a challenging change process.

​David has shown to be a very engaging professional who is a very good listener. He is very experienced, has a sharp analysis and knows how to bring the message across, leading to great acceptance of personal feedback and willingness to learn. He has done good work with peoplemanagers and our leadership team with innovative and surprising approaches!

​I have worked with David on several Leadership programs within Pfizer. Within reorganisations it is sometimes difficult to focus on development. David helped to create a momentum causing Leadership Development to happen, to stay focussed on the business and help change moving into the right direction. We did several modules regarding Personal Leadership, within that the Five Intelligences and the Ten Actors methodology were highly effective and caused stunning results! David is not only an expert; he is an example that appeals to people. He helps people and the organization to make the next step…

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