The Two Worlds

By design, the human is made to live in a twilight zone, occupying the intangible spaces between the seen and unseen worlds – in empowering ways that make it possible for us to alternate between, and respond intelligently, to the material and the ethereal, the tangible and the intangible.

Let’s embark on a little journey, to explore the nature of human experience that belongs with these two prime dimensions of living.

The human unseen worlds

Most natural healing doctrines – especially those originating in the east – stem from the awareness that everything that ever happens to us begins in the unseen, to then manifest in the seen. So, how we think can make us ill or heal. A mindset either empowers or weakens. Most known diseases are born in the unseen, manifesting in the seen. It’s a vast study with many levels.

Looking in the mirror, we see the body, and at times, some of us may also pay attention to the subtle glow that surrounds it. This is the first level of the aura – which most of us do not see, yet some do – which is the sum total of the radiation of all the seen and unseen aspects of the body.

Consider the soul and spirit lives of the human. We have a soul, and we also have a spirit. If not, what are these words doing in the dictionary?  The body feels physical pain; the soul life feels emotional pain. The skin senses the heat emanating from a radiator, and much, much more. The edge of the aura – which is an electrical skin of sorts – can sense the presence of electrics that are impressed upon it. As an example, the first thing that happens when two people meet is that their auras meet, a bit like two balloons being pressed together.

While the body may be perceived as the whole of ourselves, we do not see the unseen parts of us that define what we are and what we are capable of as human beings. Imagine what an evolving soul, or a radiant spirit, or a bright mind, may look like. What are the colours of the process that is alive in you now? These questions graze the tip of the iceberg of the kaleidoscopic nature of the energetic processes that are happening in us.

 Human evolution is driven by the future

The driving signal for our actions, such as a reason or a motive, is born in the unseen, to then manifest in the seen. At a whole other level, Human evolution is directed by a non-linear signal that is sourced elsewhere, to which we respond consciously, semi-consciously, and unconsciously. This challenges the thinking that human evolution is a linear process that goes back in time, from primitive life forms all the way to the human body in its currency. Because this way of thinking ignores the presence of the soul and spirit lives,  to what they are joined to, and the degree to which Creation’s evolutionary surge allows and shapes human development.

Language provides great clues to the presence of divine realities that shape and guide human destiny – all the words are there for the keen searcher to piece together the clues to profound understandings regarding the human possibility.

The confusion of science

Science is great – what will we do without it. But with a persistent focus on taking a left-brain path in trying to work out life’s great mysteries, it ignores the existence of the fact that the causing realms live in the universe’s unseen dimensions, and that these cannot be detected using material worlds mindset technologies, coupled with intellectually driven attituded.

The ancients knew this, thus ‘As above, so below, if you want to study man, study the universe; if you want to study the universe, study men’ – and of course, equally, woman. Much can be gained and understood by learning to feel and listen to the many inner lives that make up what we are, because they are connected by states of resonance to the universe’s unseen realms. The human faculty is naturally capable of perceiving truths that are out of the reach of modern technology.

Consider the wealth of reports regarding out of body experiences. Brain-based scientists seem to insist that these are brain-induced phenomenon, being blind to the fact of the presence and scope of the soul and spirit lives of the human.

The naturalised versus the culturalized

Exploring the natural worlds with our natural sensitivities and a developing mind’s reach is part of the natural case of being human. There is nothing mystical about these natural abilities. And yet, this is not embraced by formal education.

If you sift through the plethora of views and writings regarding the 21st century’s approach to leadership, the deep connection between leadership and the unseen dimensions of living is mostly absent. At its core, rightful leadership is an outcome of becoming connected to the greater causes of life. It’s a purpose first, not a people first process. Leadership that is not responsive to the evolutionary dimensions as its first principle focus and pursuit will forever face the danger of falling prey to personalised biases. This may come across as a bit of a hard statement, but some truths need to be spoken as they are, with the mindfulness that many of us are struggling with how to best lead in a rapidly-changing world environment.

 The free human

The world’s unseen worlds have many levels, from the utterly perverse, to the divine. From forces that have no business in human affairs, to forces that heal and enhance (Much is written about this in previous Fulcrums). A force is also a persuasion. We become what we are full of, in low and high contexts. The task of an evolving human is to strive to be a step ahead of everything that fixes us in basically anything, even if high, while keeping ourselves open and free to continue the magical journey of human development, inside of a wide-open window of opportunity.

An important part of this task is the mindfulness that we are an evolutionary building site in progress. We therefore know ourselves from the standpoint of how we have been so far, but we do not yet know our future selves, as these are still forming. We are blessed with the freedom to explore new states of being to which there is no record in history, with the motto being: “I am and will be free to keep discovering the unwritten, future me”.

 A path to follow

To sum up this small exploration, dipping our toes in a vast reality and ocean of possibilities, the human leads two intertwined lives, driven by one process at core that keeps generating the inner impulse that provides the spiritual oxygen for the many lives that form up the inner chorus that is either in harmony or confused, depending upon a person’s depth of self-awareness and nature of pursuit.

With best wishes,


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2 thoughts on “The Two Worlds

  1. Dear David,
    it is very interesting what you are writing.
    In the last chapter you write : “the human leads two intertwined lives”
    What is meant with this ? The soul and spirit you speak about in the beginning?
    Warm greetings,

  2. Dear Gisela,
    Thanks for the kind feedback.
    Consider a simple example from our everyday life.
    We wake up in the morning into a whole chain of necessary repetitions: bathroom, first drink, breakfast, timing… involving the bodily aspects.
    Next to that, inner processes go on: How am I today? What am I feeling? What do I want to achieve? What am I working on in the personal growth context… involving the soul/more spiritual aspects.
    Two inter-wined processes. We need both, at many levels.
    I hope this is helpful.

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