Carla Serusa, Hart Vice President Human Resources

If you or your company are looking for true Executive Coaching, look no further. I have been coaching with David for about 2 years as an observer and as a participant. In my role as an HR VP that interacts locally and globally, he has brought so much value to me. David introduced me to creative tools, new ways to look at strategies, and new ways to think and respond. David was also always available when I needed a thought partner in certain situations. When meeting with him, I always have that “ah ha” moment. I feel I have grown as a vice president and as a person as a direct result of his coaching, which in turn has positively affected my team and all of the leadership and employees because of my ability to approach situations with a broader view. I now find myself thinking more strategically, viewing the whole picture (looking at the end result we are looking to achieve) and not just the present situation. I have learned not be reactive but instead to be more proactive. Even my stress level has been reduced. He comes with high recommendations from me.

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