Unilever: The Road to Leadership Programme for the young top talent

Working with some of the brightest young minds in the business world, the nine-day Road to Leadership program went onᅠ for four consecutive years,ᅠ occurring twice aᅠ year. The brief: to design a leadership empowerment program that would align the young top talent to the strategic goals of the company and empower their creative and leadership capacities and marketing prowess, in a way that tangibly helps them to meet their individual bottom-line goals.

​”David conducted the Unilever Road to Leadership program, which I attended in 2005/2006. It has been one of the best courses I have attended so far, leaving me with various very useful frameworks that I still use today. Combining ways to gain deep insight in oneself with a useful research-based theory is in my experience a powerful way to make step changes in both your personal and professional dealing with the many aspects you encounter. Top-notch!”

​”David is very relaxed and charismatic. This is because of his life experience. I have followed a lot of courses where people told me that it starts with you, but this is the first course where I really start believing that its you that can make a difference and develop.”

“​….the most helpful tool at this moment is for me the sentence “do not take things too personally” and I use this together with the Ten Actors. I use it a lot! …I was in the beginning very surprised how you teach us. When you tell something, every sentence has a meaning, making me listen very intensely. The further we were in the course, the more I got used to it and appreciate this kind of teaching. Also, the really neutral way you behave in the group. So I am ‘forced’ to think for myself and can minimally absorb your behaviour. Very good. Thanks a lot!”

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