The Dutch Ministry of Environment & Housing (VROM) – The senior leadership programme

For a period of fiveᅠ consecutive years, we conducted the leadership program for the top 100 executives of ᅠVROM and delivered several team dynamics workshops for their mission-critical teams. The brief: To help in meeting its 2040 strategic challenges, to design aᅠ high-level ᅠleadership program to help each individualᅠ to develop their unique leadership style, progress to their next level, and to create a vibrant network of interpersonal collaborative sharing of intelligence that eventually supporting a major reorganization.

​”The participants of the autumnᅠ session of the leadership programme ᅠwant toᅠ express their unanimous appreciation for its immense value… we find that participation in this course is a MUST for every manager…”

“​Working with David is an impulse for growth.”

“​I have got a lot of tools to use, but the program is so much more than just tools, it is about how to become a highly effective person.”

“….the insightᅠ of the Ten Actors Methodologyᅠ to handle stressful situations is a powerful help for me.”

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