The Human and The Future

When the future meets a human being that is a captive of someone else’s dogma, it meets a dead-end. When the future meets a human being that is intent on setting oneself free and being one’s own person, it meets its future – the future of the future.

The future is a window of opportunity, a ray of possibilities, seeking for a clean space where it can be discovered, exercised, and realised. Human imagination is a powerful growth catalyst,  and each one of us has been gifted with this remarkable faculty.

Where to begin, today? If it’s constructive, it really does not matter. Mindful, constructive intentions echo in the unseen… attracting forces that attend the human opportunity. Imagine what you want to be, let it guide you and it will lead you forward from within you.

Tone-deaf to the sounds of “impossible”, a free human being is the future of the future

David Gommé
World Copyright 2018© David Gommé

One thought on “The Human and The Future

  1. Thank you David

    For the highly inspiring Newsletters in 2018, which are helping to deepen understandings, to think different where ones feel small and blocked, to feel enthuthiasm about changes, to feel value for whats important, to open up new guidelines for the human and its progression in his journey, to not just think big bit to back up what that might mean….. wonderfull, inspiring and happy to receive whats being passed on …. whishing you a purposefull time in between the years and a connective new year with many many possibility to be more of what you are meant to …. Oliver

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