Harvesting New Intelligence

Human beings exist in two worlds at the same time: The seen, material worlds and unseen energy worlds. This is why we can feel the heat of summer and within it, the coolness of someone’s attitude.

The Leaf
The leaf is one of the great wonders of the natural worlds – a technology that science is yet to emulate. Take it out of the equation and life on earth as we know it ceases to exist. Through photo-synthesis, leaves harvest light and turn it into energy. The sub-atomic processes that make this possible are nothing less than miraculous in their own way. Next time you observe and feel the life of a leaf, perhaps take a moment to appreciate this phenomenal bit of natural engineering and the superior intelligence that created it.

The Mind
The human mind is a bit like a leaf in the sense of its ability to harvest intelligence. The sun shines light; there are sources in the universe that shine powers, patterns, sequences and ‘vibes’ that when harvested by the human faculty are synthesised into new intelligence. This is how great minds attract new ideas: It’s the coming together of one’s creative inner processes and what they attract and harvest from the universe. When the two come together – the essence life of one’s inner processes and the special qualities and powers that exist ‘out there’ – conception happens that leads to the birth of new ways, new sciences, new technologies, new art, new music… It depends on the nature and quality of the harvesting mind.

Being a Farmer Of One’s Fileds Of Development
It is about being the farmer of one’s development and gardener of one’s gardens of vision and personal refinement. The farmer, the gardener, the field, the garden, the seeds, the seasons, the needs – merge to enable the harvesting of crops, fruits and beautiful flowers in the seen worlds and new intelligence, new energies and new ideas in the unseen energy worlds of oneself. And, the shared unseen fields of engagements that are farmed by teams, networks and organisations. Each field – from the individual’s to the collective’s – with its unique nature, inter-personal sentiments, qualities and purposes; from low to high; from meaningful to meaningless.

This is not just a nice analogy. It is real, very real. We are – we can be – farmers of our own development, destiny and the growth of our project, business, family and whatever we believe in. The unseen worlds of energy, power and intelligence really do exists in ways that, as they say, are truly stranger than fiction.

We just need to make sure that we plant the kind of seeds that we would want to see grow and be harvested, because the curious thing about this planet is that anything grows. It’s up to us to make sure that we grow the right things, for the right reasons, for today, for future generations.

David Gommé
World Copyright 2012© David Gommé

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