The Greatest Bull Market of All Time

Join the greatest bull market of all time. No, it’s not any world stock exchange, emerging market or known commodity. It’s the bull market of human possibility and your possibility therein.

Human awareness is undergoing a dramatic upgrade. So is the evolution of our mental and spiritual capabilities. New technologies such as the advent of the Smartphone are a feint reflection of what is happening in the human mind, which is of far greater depth, capability and profundity than what the economic and cultural framework of the 21st century allows. Believe it or not, humanity is actually arrested in a fixing framework that prevents far more remarkable and crucial futuristic technologies from revealing themselves. Think of that possible powerful sun-storm that can potentially blow-up the worlds electrical grids and from one moment to the next render useless all and everything electrical. Might there be a different way, technologically speaking?

You may be asking: “What do I need to do to participate and benefit from the bull market of human development?” The answer: Take a sidestep and register what is already happening in you. The desire and inner impulse to improve, progress, develop, grow, evolve…  it is present, at depth, in many small yet potent ways. It’s just that they get overlaid in many of us by the crowded life, pressures, stresses and demands of daily living.

To connect to the new renaissance of human possibility, we need to listen to our instincts and intuition. Humanity is deeply indoctrinated with the print of saviours and gurus. “Who shall I follow today?” “Who has the answer?” “Who is the wise one?” One of the key insights of the new times is that the world has passed the times of individual saviours; into a new human race dynamic, where each and every individual who chooses to enter the new world of possibilities has a part to play, a contribution to make, a role to fulfill.

In this new world, you create the job, the job description and the context in which it sits within the bigger picture of what is happening, which is the most radical upgrade in human capability that ever happened. In your unique way of participating, you are the dancer, the music and the dance; creating from the unrealised you unlimited…

The symptoms are all over the place: How people from all around the world are being moved to connect and share; how new start-ups are appearing like mushrooms after the rain; the information revolution; the rapid exposure and disintegration of what is not right and what does not work; the new ‘something’s springs’… It’s a mighty long list.

The way to profit and prosper from this bull market is through being one’s own person. Sorting out one’s values; being clear about one’s principles; knowing one’s qualities; learning to speak one’s mind; developing one’s innate capabilities; giveing oneself the freedom to explore and discover new ways; learning the ways of behavioural innovation; carrying the mental projection of a person that is intent to make a difference in some way every day…

As individuals, we are unique in more ways than we may realise. The 21st century has only made it possible for us to get to know small parts of ourselves and others. Step into the great, new unknown that has different rules, different ways. Where long vision, stillness and slow-burning, eternal thread of discovery processes are the way. Where the real solutions to humanity’s needs may be found. And it’s not in technologies that must destroy and burn one thing to provide a solution for something else.

The greatest act of creativity is the building of one’s indestructible inner core of values and qualities. Are you on board?

David Gommé
World Copyright 2012© David Gommé

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