The Other Cause Of Dementia

Pre-note: It is a statistical fact that if not for the money, most employees would rather be doing something else than being at their workplace.

It’s a terrible, terrifying disease, on a steep rise in recent years all over the world and its name is dementia. It is said to now affect one in three people in old age. Sadly, many of us would be familiar with its impact by way of having loved ones – or knowing people – beset by it.

Why is dementia on a steeply rising curve?

Some say people live longer, so it has a greater chance of manifesting. But is it so? Remember that throughout the ages old age is associated with special wisdom, not dementia. And there is much evidence to support the fact that longevity was a feature of ancient times.

Consider the many forms of pollution that are ravaging the world: Choking smog, radioactive waste, the mass radiation of arresting habits, volatile emotions, mental bullying, cruelty, to mention a few.

Now direct your mind’s gaze at stress in the context of its impact on the many systems in our body – the metabolism, hormone balances, breathing, heart-rate, blood pressure, nerve ends, emotions, the immune system… In the year 2000 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared stress to be the third most lethal disease of the 21st century, after heart disease and cancer. Ten years later, stress was re-positioned into the number one spot, stating that some 50% of heart disease and cancers are stress-related.

Together, stress and pollution produce a toxic mix that is responsible for brain atrophy in a multitude, next to all the other damages to the body and its systems.

The other cause
There is, however, a seldom mentioned, powerfully impactful cause of dementia: The human misalignment in its spiritual context.

To understand the vital role of spiritual alignment in the context of mental lucidity, we need to venture into the worlds of self-awareness, specifically in the context of how natural cycles, rhythms, and energy flows affect a person’s body and state of mind.

The circadian rhythm
Let’s start with the body. Consider the circadian rhythm, one in a cluster of natural rhythms – such as the bio-rhythms – that when not interfered with, maintains the body in good working balance. Sleep deprivation, especially when happening over protracted periods of time, locks the body in the awake polarity rhythm by degree – cutting away the sleep polarity rhythm – thereby interfering with the body’s natural energetic inbreath/outbreath maintenance cycles. This is one of the reasons why people who go through sleep deprivation experience hallucinations, which are trapped coded energies that cannot be released through the natural exhaust system of the brain through the media of dreams.

So, an interference with a natural maintenance rhythm – bear in mind that the various systems in the body are interconnected, such as the circadian and the immune system – is potentially life-threatening. It is easy to perceive this in relation to the circadian rhythm, but a little more demanding in terms of self-awareness where it concerns rhythms and energy flows from other dimensions of living.

The balance cruciality
One of the vital keywords in the context of personal development and natural alignment is BALANCE, which interestingly anagrams to CAN and ABLE.

Maintaining good working balances in our life is greatly influenced by not feeding ourselves with over-doses of anything at any given point in time. This includes knowing when to apply the mental breaks when overworked or when we intentionally push the effort envelope in some context. Granted, the meaning of ‘dose’ changes and evolves with a person’s personal evolution. What is too much today may be insufficient tomorrow and vice versa.

Here is a macro-level example: The world is critically over-fed with the lower end of male-induced dominance. It is time for something else to arise, a new kind of balance in human affairs that acknowledges the fact that the future is now entering the world via the feminine vector.

To sum up, in ultra-concise highlight, the correct evaluation of balance is crucial to a person’s personal evolution. You know that when out of balance beyond one’s ability to re-balance in good time, one falls – physically and mentally.

The world is over-saturated with a massive overdose of low energies, arresting habits and misplaced beliefs; not realizing that it is, therefore, crawling its way forward at a time of evolutionary quickening.

The flow of alignment
We are now approaching the point of turning our attention gaze to the crucial insight of this writing. To help in this, we shall turn to the rainbow analogy.

The seven-coloured rainbow is more than just an analogy. It’s how the planet ‘advertises’ the existence of a universal natural law that organic life falls under. The well informed, however, may use this awareness to great effect in their personal growth processes.

In the worlds of human engagement, wars, conflicts, and violence are mostly locked in the low end of red (note that red has also a high end that is home to amazing doing powers and capabilities, so it’s not a question of good and bad but rather that of higher and lower; finer and coarser). Spiritual connections and practices, refined ways, profound insights, meaningful actions and high universal powers live at the higher end, all the way to violet which is the evoluitonary gateway to and from the future.

The natural ‘home-base’ of those aligned to the greater causes of living is at yellow, two steps above red. Because this is a natural system, most people would know this intuitively. Pushing the envelope a little here, in terms of inner processes, the human was never meant to slip below yellow; yellow being the domain that anchors qualities, values and launch point of personal growth and human refinement.

When one is based at the higher end, the transcendent wash of high energies affects, infects, and influences all that is below. When a person, a group of people, a network or an entire nation becomes arrested at the lower end, it blocks people’s access to the natural case of being human, thereby locking them at the robotic aspects of living.

The higher the connection, the greater the enhancement and self-liberation

The human is a spiritual being
By design, we are made to connect to, process and anchor powers and energies sourced from the highest universal domains. When correctly approached – and many of us do so intuitively – it is quite simple. You become what you process – high or low; rightful or misplaced… When one aspires to be constructive, with persistence, he or she become it. Together with the emergence of surprising skill-sets, seemingly out of nowhere.

When a person is locked in or overly exposed to the coarse end of red, regardless of a great diet, moderate daily exercise and what have you else that is considered essential to one’s health and well-being, their mind and body will eventually succumb to its corrupting influences. Because the human system is made to process and anchor the full range of the rainbow and not overdoses of small segments of it.

Enter the car-engine analogy. Imagine what happens if you fill up the gas tank not with 97 or 95 octane fuels, but with polluted, oily 10 octane fuels. This is a very good analogy. The human system is incredibly resilient, but at some point, like the car engine, it packs up. And the brain and mind often get affected accordingly.

The violet gate
When a person lives his or her life in the flow of transcendent forces, it greatly helps in balancing and aligning their whole system, thereby pacifying and balancing – by degree, depending upon a person’s state and circumstance – the internal war-zone; where each system and organ are struggling to not lose their interfered with, ‘factory settings’ alignment.

So, next to all other reasons, many cases of brain atrophy leading to dementia are an outcome of disconnection and misalignment; where the brain and mind are forced into processing low-grade energies and into dancing to artificial stress-inducing rhythms that exist below the threshold of a natural human engagement.

Listen to the song “Chained to the rhythm”. Could it be that a ‘violet message’ found a way to communicate itself to the masses…?

Minds that dance to the rhythms of the future are reborn anew every day

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David Gommé

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