Self-Leadership: The Lights of Perception

Each human being is a natural born leader – of oneself. There seems to be a misconception surrounding the mentation of role models. Yes, people may absolutely inspire and assist one another. But letting another person’s way direct one’s own robs the seeker from realising his or her special destiny and uniqueness. The greatest role model is a bright vision of one’s future self, much of which is waiting to be revealed.

The lights of perception

A constantly developing perception capacity is one’s guiding light in the maze of living. Perception divides into two aspects: Sensory and extra sensory perception. The sensory merges hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell, to form the brain assembly that enables our material worlds consciousness. Extra-sensory perception concerns the ability of the human system to sense, feel, know, and read energetic vibrations and presences, subtle signals, emerging trends, and new opportunities. When the two combine in the mind of a developing person, the outcome is cognizance of a superior order, enabling the making of wise choices and decisions.

Warping filters

The greatest challenge in perceiving what is – truth, reality, opportunities, and possibilities – is the presence of personal and collective biases: Pre-cast decisions, fixed views, frozen belief systems, psychologies, fears of many kinds, being susceptible to deceiving persuasions… To the point that inbound impressions from the world around us and from the universe are ‘coloured’ to a point of inability to properly comprehend their message.

Developing impartiality

Developing impartiality and mindful objectivity is a demanding life-long self-tasking. Being truly impartial, perceiving reality and new opportunities not personalised but as they are unto themselves, is a blessed state, reserved for the few, yet available to all, in a world where white noise is at full volume, causing in many tone-deafness to the cry of their higher self.

Developing perception capacity

Pay attention to anything that moves – life-changing moments have a way of appearing in unobtrusive ways.  Observe and keep telling yourself what you are witnessing – every story has both seen and hidden overlays. Be and stay watchful, inwards and outwards. Try to feel people’s struggle and especially the reason why, which may be more profound than seems to be. Learn how to be quiet inside so as to be able to hear and feel the dog-whistle aspects of living… without passing instant judgement upon what you are experiencing. Do this consistently, so that your system can deliver that which it cannot do when you are not paying attention… It is then that the magic of direct learning becomes a permanent presence, where the mind’s natural search engine comes to life. Perceiving truths is now between you and the universe, you and the human possibility, with no middleman.

It is said that life is stranger than fiction. Especially when one’s perception capacity is free to evolve as meant to be.

With best wishes,

David Gommé

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One thought on “Self-Leadership: The Lights of Perception

  1. Thank you for this, self-leadership is an ongoing exercise and recognised necessity in my life.

    This article offers fresh insights.

    One thought, in the part “developing impartiality”, the sentence “reserved for the few” got rewritten in me as “available for all”. Knowing that so far only a few seem to wish or dare to take up this development opportunity..

    With respect and kind regards,

    Mia Schoon

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