Being Close to Oneself

When I am close to myself, what is it that I am close to? When I am removed from myself, what is it that I am removed from?

Every human being is blessed with an incredible faculty range and the presence of a spiritual core. One is either aware of and seeking to connect to this wholeness, or not. This is a matter of personal choice.

One of the great challenges of living in times of change is that the human is still evolving. This means that we are incomplete – the human is a spiritual building site in progress. And the 21st century is obsessed with complete packages. Being an incomplete package, with the greater part of oneself not yet realised, how do we proceed with the journey of personal growth? Modern education is arranged to churn out result-oriented problem-solvers. Human evolution, however, has a conflicting message: Be in a not-fixing discovery process to create space for a non-linear future.

Not that there is anything wrong with being a proficient problem solver. On the contrary, it is a great skill to have at one’s disposal. But what about being creative in an evolutionary, developmental context, such as giving birth to enduring qualities?

When a person is disconnected from one’s core, the next stop is the brain. Regardless of its remarkable technological brilliance and phenomenal computational capacity, an uneducated brain ends up with the act of a dog leading its master to wherever it wants to go, without its master even realising this fact. And the only way that any given brain may be aligned to serve a high purpose is through a person’s connection to one’s spiritual core and what this is naturally aligned and connected to.

The 21st century is compulsively brain oriented. Note that the brain has no spiritual issue. Unlike the spiritual aspects, it is a mortal part of a mortal boy. So, it can and does produce reckless extremes of all kinds, from brutal tyranny to disconnected acts of brilliant insanity, such as looking to dispatch 32,000 WIFI satellites into orbit to fry everyone on earth.

What is the natural alignment of our spiritual core? Well, it is not to the mortal dimensions of living.

The spiritual core is a glowing essence that knows no malice. It is contained, intact and coded in ways that enable us to access our higher self. Such as the greater person in the person. Greatness naturally resides in every human being. By analogy, it is like having a spiritual bank account with a huge credit. There are two main ways to find the right combination to access it: Through someone who is already connected and is further away in this journey or through one’s assisted persistence.

Being close to oneself is not being departed from the wholeness of oneself and the wholeness of oneself is connected to the open-ended evolving wholeness of the human possibility, which is flashing the flickering lights of tomorrow.

Being close to oneself is the most natural thing for an emergent human person. It really is a matter of personal choice.

David Gommé

World Copyright 2020© David Gommé

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